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  1. 3 months ago
    Tue Mar 30 17:11:24 2021

    That's a risk I am willing to take.

    But let the user decide through an opt-in setting (checkbox) in the settings. (the moment the user checks the check button the user get's a notification/warning).
    This way the user decides to turn it on if the user desires so.

    But this is all bitespire's decision, I hope at least they can give the option.

  2. Mon Mar 29 16:19:14 2021

    Is this promise still in place?
    I purchased the last bitsdujour promotion because of this promise.

    I held off using it because I really needed the google sync option, I am really hoping the v3 upgrade promise is still in place and the sync option will be there on release. Currently I am all over the place regarding taks, notes,.... I need this centralized and I played around with the v2 version and was really really impressed on how almost everything can be "connected" with a full browser implemented.

    Believe me, I am counting the days until release with you!

  3. Mon Mar 29 16:12:01 2021

    I respect the 'no constant connection' decision, but is there a way to meet the users who want a "constant" connection half way? My suggestions:

    • sync when dPim starts
    • sync when dPim closes (exits)
    • sync when user edits an component that is connection with the online service: sync when user edits (saves) an task item, calendar item,...

    Maybe this already was in place and I overlooked it. But if it's not, could you please consider to implement the above sugesstions (maybe even optional, meaning taht the user can check a checkbox in the settings regarding on when to sync?)

    I purchased doogiePim from the last bitsdujour promotion whith the hope that syncing with google would be implemtented and I can not work without it because of using the smarthpone to also edit task and agenda items.
    With the above suggestions you would have a sort of "realtime" connection.

  4. Mon Mar 29 09:40:05 2021
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