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    Thu Dec 30 18:09:17 2021
    P paulg started the conversation Competitive discounts.

    Getting towards the end of my trial period and was looking to buy Doogie, what products entitle me to apply for competitive discount, I' m currently using Epim, Evernote, OneNote - I think that's about it. -- Epim is probably the closest to Doogie.
    Used to use Do-Organizer many moons ago, the fore runner to Doogie I believe


  2. Sun Jul 25 08:14:42 2021

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the reply, I'll look forward to giving V3 a try but I'm disappointed that it won't reproduce the folders already in place with the Gmail label system. All other email clients I've used seem to do this without a problem.
    I'm currently using EPim for general email, task, appointments and to a limited extent notes (I also use Evernote for my main reference and document storage)


  3. Sat Jul 24 08:00:30 2021
    P paulg started the conversation New to Doogie, help with Gmail required.

    As a long time user of Do-organiser in the past I was interested when I come across Doogie.
    I'm using the trial version but I'm having a problem with Gmail. I use Imap and have got it working basically but it only downloads messages from the inbox but not other folders. I have Gmail setup to sort incoming messages using their label system (I call it folders) . Other email clients download all messages from all the folders without a problem.
    Have I missed something in the setup of my mail account?


  4. Fri Jul 23 16:14:40 2021
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