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    Sat May 18 23:02:58 2019
    S scooterg started the conversation Better HTML Support.

    Hi Chris,

    I am not sure if you did this by design. If I find something important that I want to capture off of the web, the text I want to capture includes some pictures. I select the text and graphics and paste it into the notes section of Doogie. I select HTML from the list and when I do that, the pictures are not copied. I take that same text including the pictures and copy it into MS Word, MS Word converts it to rich text format. I can select the text and pictures from MS Word and paste them into a note in Doogie and select Rich text format, the text and pictures get copied. Did you eliminate the pictures by design or is it a bug or weak import of HTML text. I thought since you are working on an update either you can improve the HTML import so text and pictures can be copied or you may consider this a security risk? Thanks

  2. Thu Feb 21 04:31:09 2019
    S scooterg started the conversation Send Out Mass Email.

    Hi Chris,
    Since I run a business I have to occasionally send an email out to all of my customers. I want to be able to send one out very soon. I know if I send an email out to over 200 people, my cable provider may stop it or block many of them from getting out because it may give the appearance of spamming. Does Doogie have the capability where I can send out a few emails out let's say every 5 or 10 minutes? Thanks Chris.

  3. Fri Feb 15 06:19:33 2019

    Thanks Chris for your reply. I was giving your reply some thought and I somewhat agree with you. I assume when you said which to plain text you mean in Settings you have the Never download web images in email checked? There is one more option that you forgot to mention is view the message in the browser which comes up normally whether I use the Doogie browser or another browser like Firefox or Edge or something else. I guess what you are eluding to is use your browser to view these emails with all of the pretty graphics in a browser because it is safer? Your thoughts please? Thanks.

  4. Thu Feb 14 03:32:31 2019

    Hi Chris,
    I imported some more messages into Doogie. The messages are from a business group called SCORE and they don't show up right in Doogie. There is a lot of information missing in the email being displayed in Doogie. The reason I know this is because I opened up these emails in a different email client. I can't really use Doogie at the moment with this missing information. The information is very important for me because this has a lot do with small businesses which is what my company is base on. Thanks.

  5. Wed Feb 13 22:37:19 2019
    S scooterg started the conversation Som,e Graphics Not Appearing in Email.

    Hi Chris,
    I hope you received my email last week or before about one of the emails I get where some of the graphics did not come through. I received an email yesterday where the sender includes a picture of him in the email. That picture did not appear. Your last fix did a really good job of allowing the pictures to show up but still on some emails some pictures are not getting displayed. Can you please fix the rest of it? It is hard for me to respond to some of these emails when that picture does not get displayed. I don't want to send you every email where the pictures show up. It is also hard to know whether there is any additional pictures if this is not corrected. Do you understand what I mean? Thanks.

  6. Tue Feb 5 06:27:43 2019
    S scooterg posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    I wanted to add my two cents. I have the same problem occur. I get a pop-up that says Oops something happened. I get a choice to close Doogie or keep using it. This has been happening a lot in Messaging. I haven't used the other modules yet. I am glad others brought this up. It was hard to isolate what was going on because I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary and I didn't know how to isolate the problem. Chris I also wanted to bring your attention that when I tried to export messages I still can't do many. I can only do one at a time. I know you said you fixed it so I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. The other issue with messaging is most of the graphics show up but some still don't. I am not sure if you can do a little more to take care of that. For example, I get periodic emails from Kohls. I know they are very graphical but I can't see anything in the email at all. Other email programs seem to have no problem with the pictures. Thanks.

  7. Sun Jan 27 15:25:19 2019
    S scooterg posted in Messaging Rules Kind Of Broken.

    I will try to explain. I have a business email and two individual emails. I use the two individual emails as one for personal and one for purchasing software and other email. I setup my first rule for my business email. If I get an email addressed to the business then it goes in an inbox. When I send something out from that email, it gets put in the sent folder. I do the exact same thing for the other two email. My main personal email is second and my other email is last. The emails are going into the inbox and sent folder on the business and the primary personal but not going into the secondary personal email. I will look into it further from your suggestion. But I have to say this, before version they were working and then something changed when it updated because when I checked them, none of them were working when I received and sent mail. I am not sure what happened but I will do a rules check like you outlined and report back.

  8. Sun Jan 27 05:48:33 2019
    S scooterg started the conversation Messaging Rules Kind Of Broken.

    Hi Chris,

    There is something wrong with message rules. I had 6 rules and they all worked at one point before the update. Two rules for each email, one going to an inbox folder and the other going to a sent folder. Since I was having problems, I wiped all of the rules out and I recreated them. Two of the emai l accounts work and the other doesn't after I recreated them all. I then deleted the third set of rules and recreated them and it still doesn't work. I don't know what the problem is. I just wanted to say I have been spending a lot of time trying to get email to work in the Doogie but I am spent. I run a business but I have been spending too much time futzing around with this. I am at the point of frustration. I just have many items that have piled up because of the email problems I have been experiencing.

  9. Sat Jan 26 12:17:02 2019

    I would agree with you there. You can't make a portable application a default with the latest version 1809. It was easier in the earlier versions. Microsoft can do some really stupid things. Accordining to Microsoft, possibly they think these applications are not secure or do they trust you enough to use a secure application?

  10. Fri Jan 25 22:26:24 2019
    S scooterg started the conversation Make DoogiePim Default Email Client.

    Hi Chris,
    I have done a lot of searching on this topic. Windows 10 makes it difficult to make progarms a default. It doesn't allow you to make a portable app as the default like Doogie so I installed it. Windows 10 still makes it difficult to make DoogiePim a defauilt mail client. Do you have any ideas or is there a way to make DoogiePim the default email client? Thanks.

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