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    Tue Dec 8 04:04:31 2020
    S scooterg posted in An Opportunity For You Chris.

    Hi Chris,
    I may have explained to you that I am a computer support person. I am also all over the place looking for a better application which at time is tough to find these days. The problem I was having with the \ in the vcf file came from an email client called emclient. I read the message boards from time to time. They just released a new version 8.1 with several builds. The release history said that 8.1 have hundreds of bug fixes which is many. I also read that many people are unhappy with emclient. Some of the customers used to use Essential PIM. There are many on their message boards that are not happy with that product either. Many of these folks are looking for an alternative that has many of the features that Doogie PIM has. I don't feel comfortable going onto these forums and telling them about Doogie PIM. It is not fair to the developers. I don't know how to get to these folks in a different manor to get them to take a look at Doogie. I just want to let you know many want an application where they can do a lot and just use one instead of many. I think you can understand what that means but this is a good opportunity to try and reach these people to take a look at Doogie. I wish I could tell you of a good way to reach these folks but I don't. Maybe some on this forum may have some good ideas.

  3. Tue Dec 8 03:11:57 2020
    S scooterg posted in Problem Importing VCF Files.

    Hi Chris,
    I took a look at one of the vcf files with Notepad. It did contain a \. I notified the company that their export function has a bug in it. Good catch!


  4. Mon Dec 7 15:14:52 2020
    S scooterg posted in Version 3 Suggestion (Addition).

    Ok. Good.

  5. Mon Dec 7 15:14:05 2020
    S scooterg posted in Problem Importing VCF Files.

    Yes I know adding the slash was weird. I had to go back in and change the default and the slash went away but it should not show up anyway.

  6. Mon Dec 7 04:23:55 2020
    S scooterg started the conversation Problem Importing VCF Files.

    Hi Chris,

    I was importing contacts into Doogie and I noticed a problem. The program I am using to export them can only export the contact as a vcf file. When I import a vcf file into Doogie, the name shows up like this Doe/ John. I have no idea where the slash comes in. When I add another contact vcf file, somehow Doogie imports information from the first contact. I have no idea how that happened. I also tried adding another contact and it accumulates information from other contacts. I know it is a bug or bugs. I looked at these files with another email client or contact list and there is no accumulation of information from other contacts. Thanks. Scot

  7. Mon Dec 7 03:36:03 2020
    S scooterg started the conversation Different Signatures.

    Hi Chris,
    I am using version 2.3. I want to have multiple signatures for a couple of business accounts. I created one signature and saved it in a do not. I want to create another signature for another account. Is there a way to link up that one signature for one account and the other signature for another account? I am assuming that I have to create two different todo note files for this purpose. Thanks.

  8. Sun Dec 6 16:58:35 2020
    S scooterg started the conversation Version 3 Suggestion (Addition).

    Hi Chris,

    I have a request or suggestion on an addition to version 3. Many note programs have a feature that locks a note so you don't delete it. If possible could you please add that feature. I know there is a backup but if you accidentally delete it, you may not know which backup does not have the non deleted item in it. I hope understand what I am talking about. Thanks.

  9. Fri Dec 4 17:23:10 2020
    S scooterg posted in Capturing Web Pages.

    You are welcome Chris. I have know this for a while since I have tried it with other applications. I have only seen it work with MS Word and now Atlantis. I have tried other word processors with no success. Looking forward to the new version. I read what is going on Bitsdujour. I also realized Chris on why you can create many email accounts and only have one inbox. Was used to having multiple accounts and multiple inboxes. I reallzed that takes up lots of time to look through all of those accounts and inboxes.

  10. Tue Dec 1 22:40:04 2020
    S scooterg started the conversation Capturing Web Pages.

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to help out with capturing web pages with text and graphics. I know is going to add this in version 3, I think but there is a way to do this. It requires a few steps and an additional program. I have been doing it for quite some time with applications that don't support this. I know two programs work. You either need MS Word or Atlantis Word Processor. You copy the web page by highlighting the text and graphics. After you do that paste it into Word or Atlantis. Once you that, you can edit the information, then do another copy from within Word or Atlantis and then paste it into Doogie. I get it. It requires another application and a little extra work but it is a work around until Chris gets that function implemented. Word or Atlantis converts the text and graphics into RTF which then most programs can read. Hope that helps.

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