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  1. 5 years ago
    Thu Jul 26 19:31:26 2018
    C cgeorge started the conversation Message Alerts.

    None of my message alerts work.

  2. Mon Jun 11 22:51:23 2018

    Whatever it was doing just stopped, without any input from me, I have a feeling it might have been a windows 10 update which tends to screw up a lot of software.

  3. Thu Jun 7 23:16:47 2018
    C cgeorge started the conversation Tasks and Events due dates marked as overdue.

    For the last week, every time doogiepim starts my tasks and events pop-up with all due dates marked as overdue and I have to reset them all.

    When I open each task and event it shows the correct due date, in the future, but reminder alarm is always set to today's date, even tasks marked complete has the reminder alarm set for today and the original time off by only minutes.

    I have checked system date and time settings and they are correct.

    Restarting the system does not work. So I do not know if this is a bug or should I just try a repair or something else?

  4. Tue Jun 5 20:57:29 2018

    I discovered how to somewhat accomplish what I need. I looked for this information in the help file but could not find it.

    1. Need to select information in the body of an email, not the subject of the email.
    2. Right-click and select "send to", instead of using the link button and then the new linked task/event/journal/document is created with the selected text already in the title if task or event but only in the text body if journal or document.

    Now with EPIM you right-click on the email, select convert to task/appointment/note and the subject or title gets prefilled with the email title and the notes or document area with information from the email body and linked to the contact.

    I hope I am explaining this better.

  5. Mon Jun 4 16:54:00 2018
    C cgeorge started the conversation Feature Request: Subject Field Filled.

    It would be so much easier if when linking or pasting the subject field could contain the title of the object I am linking too or pasting from like Onenote or EssentialPim as examples.

    Linking does not always work and never when copy/paste especially from the internet and must always manually enter the title.

    I have tried highlighting and even coping what I want the title to be when linking but obviously this is not possible when pasting.

  6. Thu May 17 20:39:04 2018

    Thank you, that worked. The reason I selected "completed today" is because I do not want to see the completed tasks (I archive what I want to keep) and even though I have unchecked show completed and only show "open" tasks they still show

  7. Mon May 7 16:01:48 2018
    C cgeorge started the conversation Today task not showing on home page.

    Don't know what I am doing wrong but I have a daily todo task that is not showing up on the homepage.

    I have tried different settings and restarting doogiepim but nothing works.

    I took some screenshots to help explain how I have set the task up but I do not see an option to attach or insert them in this conversation. I also cannot find any answers in help or to my exact problem in the community.

  8. Thu May 3 16:00:07 2018
    C cgeorge posted in Several email problems.

    Thank's for the suggestions and I will read the help.

    Don't know if this is important but I just recently discovered that my email selection has to be set to "all" in order to open the selected email in the search results.

    I usually am in "today's" email in the am but had to search for a lost email by using "all", yesterday, and was able to open and go directly to any email I searched for.

  9. Wed Apr 25 20:05:12 2018
    C cgeorge posted in Several email problems.

    1. F9 full search

    2. I searched in the "full search page" and also in 'search in messages" using "content of mail message" field. I have 2 mail accounts with about 4800 messages. But no matter which way I search I am still unable to open the result or it goes to and highlights a different email one that I was not searching for.

    3. I right clicked on the message and selected "move to" and then selected the folder and created the sub-folder, I needed, and pressed ok. Once back in mail I did not see the new sub-folder until after restarting the program. This does not seem to happen when the folder has previously been created.

  10. Wed Apr 25 01:05:04 2018
    C cgeorge started the conversation Several email problems.

    • email full search result does not launch when clicking/selecting it or it goes to an unrelated email this happened in V. and 5.
    • when searching email by field it takes a long time or crashes/hangs the program, even after doing a rebuild and if the search completes the message will not open.
    • after creating a new folder and moving a mail message into it I have to restart the program to see the new folder and message.

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