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    Mon Jul 10 17:36:29 2023
    M mike_walsh started the conversation Planner questions.

    Hello, apologies for the large number of questions - I am just trying to get better acquainted with the many features of DoogiePim

    I have been looking at DoogiePIMs planner and I really like the idea but had a few questions.

    When adding an item - I can add an item with a category "birthday" - but I can not see a way to add recurring schedules - so I can't add a recurring birthday.
    I have tried to show calendar events - but birthdays still do not show.
    I also considered writing a program of my own to build the day list - but import doesn't seem to work for planners.

    Is there any way to get a birthday occurring every year, or other such recurring events ( like you can in the calendar ) without having to enter them individually?

    I also had a few other questions / suggestions.

    Is it possible to copy a Planner? If I plan 90% of something and want 2 or 3 copies with small differences for the remaining 10% - do I need to re-add every item from the main calendar manually?

    Show calendar overlay on the planner is nice, but can I filter by resources?

    Is there a way to copy a specific resource's calendar to a planner? Not linked together (overlay covers that) - just a simple copy that you can change to visualize how different changes would look.


  2. Sun Jul 9 19:57:43 2023
    M mike_walsh started the conversation Calendar navigation.

    Hello, I have a few questions on calendar navigation.

    Does anyone know what previous period and next period do?

    From a bit of experimentation the algorithm seems to be:
    Take the currently selected date and subtract 1 day.
    Get the month of this new date.
    Display a calendar that shows all days in that month.
    Change the selected day to the date in the top left corner.
    Adjust the mini calendars to represent the selected month.
    As above but add a day rather than subtract one.

    From experimentation the above usually happens - however:
    > "Display a calendar that shows all days in that month."
    Is not quite right. At first I thought it only showed 5 weeks so months covering 6 weeks would be truncated - but sometimes 6 weeks are shown, but other times months are truncated. Is there a reason some months are truncated?

    The above probably is not a good explanation so I will try to explain with an example.
    Click June 9th 2023 to open June 9th in daily view.
    Click show month calendar to switch to month view with June 9th selected
    Click next period
    6 weeks are shown - June 26th - August 6 which is the exact set of weeks required to cover July

    Click April 9th 2022 to open April 9th in daily view.
    Click show month calendar to switch to month view with April 9th selected
    Click next period
    5 weeks are shown - May 2nd - June 5th.

    This seems to be consistent for December 2022 - selecting December 1st 2022 and clicking next jumps to January 2nd.

    So it looks like we show all weeks unless the month starts on a Sunday?

    Is this right? If so why is Sunday treated differently is this a bug or expected?

    Some other dates seem to be strange.

    On mini calendar click February 8th 2023
    Click the view month button
    Click previous
    Here I would expect January to be displayed - but December is displayed.

    On mini calendar click June 9th 2022
    Click the view month button
    Click previous
    April is shown where I would expect May.

    Is there a way to change this behavior? I think the next and previous should work as follows:
    Previous: Take the first date displayed on the large calendar and subtract a day. Display the full month for that day.
    Next: Take the last date displayed on the large calendar and add a day. Display the full month for that day.

    My expectation of a next based on other software is that if I sit clicking it for long enough I will scroll past any future date.

    Also is there a way to quickly display a month maybe using the mini calendars? If I am in month view and I click a day - it selects just that day and takes me out of month view. I understand why - because I selected that day. I can see that being useful, so think it's a good idea. But sometimes I want to see that whole month.
    I worked out that the solution is to click the first day and drag to cover the month and it works, but on a laptop track pad this is not as fluid as on a PC. I have tried a few modifier keys (which did logical thing) but none did this. I have also tried clicking on the month - but this brings up a handy month selection (Although not as nice as windows month selection ;) ) . My guess is you can't. It's not a big deal if not, we have other ways to do the task as I mentioned.


  3. Sun Jul 9 18:54:29 2023
    M mike_walsh started the conversation Web browser questions.

    Hello, I have recently started using DoogiePIM and had a few questions on the web browser.

    I have noticed ctrl + f, and F11 don't seem to do anything unless I click on the certain parts of the screen first (such as the URL bar). When the browser part itself is selected it doesn't work. Is this as intended? I was going to suggest ctrl F was broken at first, because this is not what I am used to. It wasn't until I did some investigation on other tabs that I discovered the focus was important.

    I guess this question is a bit more global than the web browser - but is there a way to close the search when I am done? I have tried ctrl f and also escape but neither works. I also can not find a sub menu to hide it when I right click the page.

    Clicking developer tools seems to cause the Doogie web browser to freeze up sometimes, or just break (for example I just clicked it and now all my web tabs are now just a grey screen). Other times nothing seems to happen when I click it. Other than on a few occasions where the screen went blue for a few seconds then back to normal - I have never been able to successfully see any productive result to clicking this button. What is supposed to happen when I click this (for example should it open split screen or new window)? Do others have issues with getting this to show? It's not important - I'll probably stick to other web browsers that I am more familiar with for the developer tools - I am just interested if it's an issue or just me.

    Is there a way to open new tabs in the background? I see open in new tab - but the new tab takes focus, I guess peoples workflows are different, but I almost always want new tabs to load in the background (exactly what it is doing but keep focus on my current window), because I will see 3 or 4 links on a page I open all 3 and then go through them.

    When I open enough tabs to force a scrollbar on the left of the screen (list of tabs and applications) there seems to be an issue where I can't close the tabs with the x anymore and I need to right click and close.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Also in this state clicking a link will scroll the side bar to put that link to the bottom. Can that be turned off? It's not a big deal but is a little distracting.


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