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    Fri Jan 15 17:23:30 2021
    R rgdot posted in X to minimize.

    Thanks for the explanation. Yes of course X close is standard and I know what _ does.
    I do have two other programs that act the same way (a clipboard manager and a shortcut bar) as doogiePIM when clicking X. I was wondering if doNotes can do the same? because I am using doNotes as sticky notes so clicking X acting the same way is just as important, to me at least.

  2. Thu Jan 14 22:32:29 2021
    R rgdot started the conversation X to minimize.

    The main window has the X to minimize of course (btw is that a setting that my memory is failing about where to change?) Is it possible for DoNotes to act in the same way?

  3. 6 months ago
    Tue Jun 30 18:09:00 2020
    R rgdot posted in Knock, knock! Anyone Home?.

    Hope Chris and everybody doing ok in this crazy time, and development is moving along.
    I would suggest that the v3 killer features thread be unstickied or at least edited, a more than 2 years old thread referencing a version which is likely not close even this long later doesn't look good imo.

  4. last year
    Thu Nov 21 16:34:51 2019
    R rgdot posted in Startup tabs?.

    It is better, thanks

  5. Sat Jul 27 14:13:47 2019
    R rgdot posted in Startup tabs?.

    Yes sort of confusing. The restore method is fine, thanks Chris.

  6. Sat Jul 27 04:18:26 2019
    R rgdot started the conversation Startup tabs?.

    Here's a simple one that I am not sure why hasn't been asked (?)

    Can we have several open when doogie starts? The plural text (tabS)seems to indicate yes but can't select multiple options. Would be good if that is indeed possible.


  7. 2 years ago
    Fri Mar 23 04:17:02 2018
    R rgdot posted in Too Faced.

    Well said Chris.
    My fear is that Facebook is and won't be the only one. Facebook is perhaps unique because by its nature more details are given to it by users but in various forms we will be hearing about twitter and others too.

  8. Tue Mar 20 14:38:53 2018
    R rgdot posted in Importing contacts.

    Downloaded, thanks for the fix :)

  9. Sun Mar 18 17:22:15 2018
    R rgdot posted in Importing contacts.

    Thanks Chris

  10. Sun Mar 18 14:09:16 2018
    R rgdot posted in Importing contacts.

    I can't see the text. I believe my csv is good otherwise the import dialog wouldn't see it right?

    (Stitched screenshot: Above yellow line is import dialog, below line is details and comments which is empty after import is done)


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