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    Mon Jan 24 08:04:40 2022
    BiteSpire changed rgdot's group to Test Pilot.
  2. Thu Dec 30 23:21:55 2021
    rgdot posted in Competitive discounts.

    I guess you can create a ticket with details as mentioned at https://bitespire.com/purchase.php

  3. Thu Dec 30 23:20:23 2021
    rgdot posted in Portable installation.

    The portable download means that you download the portable version, then you create a folder anywhere (for example on your Desktop) and extract the contents of the download to that folder. You can copy that folder to a USB key or other location . When you want to use Doogiepim just double click doogiepim.exe in the folder and use it.

  4. 2 years ago
    Tue Aug 3 17:42:11 2021

    I am seeing a 1 month cookie for /community in Opera

  5. Sun Aug 1 19:53:34 2021

    Thanks Chris and all.

    Email for existing users (discount?) coming as well?

  6. Mon Feb 1 01:35:50 2021

    Looking forward to syncing, using local connection to have calendar/task on a phone.

  7. Mon Feb 1 01:34:04 2021

    Interesting pricing, it looks to me like a good sustainable model

  8. Fri Jan 15 17:23:30 2021
    rgdot posted in X to minimize.

    Thanks for the explanation. Yes of course X close is standard and I know what _ does.
    I do have two other programs that act the same way (a clipboard manager and a shortcut bar) as doogiePIM when clicking X. I was wondering if doNotes can do the same? because I am using doNotes as sticky notes so clicking X acting the same way is just as important, to me at least.

  9. Thu Jan 14 22:32:29 2021
    rgdot started the conversation X to minimize.

    The main window has the X to minimize of course (btw is that a setting that my memory is failing about where to change?) Is it possible for DoNotes to act in the same way?

  10. 3 years ago
    Tue Jun 30 18:09:00 2020
    rgdot posted in Knock, knock! Anyone Home?.

    Hope Chris and everybody doing ok in this crazy time, and development is moving along.
    I would suggest that the v3 killer features thread be unstickied or at least edited, a more than 2 years old thread referencing a version which is likely not close even this long later doesn't look good imo.

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