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    Chris - for us sad folks who would actually (next week) take a few days vacation overseas and sit around the pool reading printed/bound User Guides.... could I trouble you to make the latest V2 UG available as a PDF?

    Many thanks

  4. Tue Mar 27 11:46:54 2018
    A aasuk posted in [v3] Killer Features.

    Ummm. In private correspondence with the developer I have been requesting that certain features are added which I sense, but cannot prove, would be of general use since my workaday life is unlikely to be much different from others in the same line of work.

    What must be kept firmly in mind is that the price of doogie is ridiculously cheap, and it must equate to a tiny fraction of a penny per line of code so we have to be completely realistic about the cost/benefit for the developer to add new code. My preference, since I am more than willing to pay and I think that doogie is priced at a tenth of its value to me, especially in my dream-version, is for there to be various grades of doogie, from a basic entry level for the casual user up to a Pro-Plus version, costing rather more. That is, after all, a very standard business model for software. It's not for me to drive Bitespire's business model, but we consumers have to be fair to the developer. At these prices for these features, he's not likely to appear on the Times Rich List is he.

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    A aasuk posted in Let's promote DoogiePim!.

    I stumbled across DoogiePIM some months back. What surprised me was that having spent, off and on, the previous nearly ten years periodically searching for PIMs with various combinations of search words, and downloaded and inspected over fifty, that Doogie never came up on searches. And that was after digging deep into search trees of suggested PIMs.

    My application was to find an electronic replacement for an engineers Lab Notebook (and yes, searching 'Lab Notebooks' produces mainly links to leather bound journals even today) which offered far more; a lifetime partner in accruing, linking and preserving the sort of knowledge that a professional (in any field) would profit from.

    So, I finally hit Doggie. The first impression was of a unique GUI, styled and feature rich. I uses perhaps 20% of the modules, and I wonder how many potential users are in a state of shock and awe at the user interface, especially at that first point of contact. Passing through that, I'd developed a short list of 'catch-out' features that would, one by one, eliminate all other candidates. Could the precious user database (holding all my work) be stored locally or if I chose, on a cloud drive? Yes. Could that data be encrypted. Yes. 90% of alternatives are eliminated by now. Ok, does Doogie have its own, internal, full featured word processor which can create decently styled pages? Yes. Does that WP give a reliable on-screen indication as to how the page will appear on paper? Yes it does. Is there a proper printable PDF User manual? Yes. Is is a buy-once arangement or a subscription? Buy-once. We've now eliminated 99% of alternatives.

    Crunch time, which will put Doogie in a class of one. Literally.

    Can Doogie allow me to throw information into it and then cross-link that information so that any word or image or bookmark could be 'tagged' and x-linked to any other item in the Doogie database? Yes. Incredibly it can. This is a fabulous feature and indicative of a real insight into knowledge structuring.

    What makes Doogie completely unique in addition to the above is that it has a built in 'mind-map' where elements on the map can use images or words and the cross-links to emulate how the human brain jumps about between associations of ideas. It makes knowledge available to you as you store it in your own brain. As your knowledge of your subject grows, you add more links to this neural network inside Doogie.

    My interaction with computer programers reveals that they are an odd bunch generally. What makes Chris Payton different is that he has real-world experience of how a PIM should be structured, listens patiently and attentively to users, and continues to develop and enhance Doogie based on feedback. He's a pleasure to engage with. He, like his program, are lifetime partners.

    DoogiePIM is a game changer. In terms of value for money, it is a gift. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Don't be over awed by the user interface - you don't need to know it all or use all of it. And yes, you can hide much of it through the extensive behind-the-scenes optimisation. Personally, I'd suggest to Chris that trims out specialist features like the finance pack and others to simplify for the new user, just to get over that first impression.

    The price is so very fair that may I encourage you to support the developer as I did? Buy a copy for every PC you could run it on (home, office, mobile) and savour the feeling that you are supporting a great product created by a thoroughly decent fellow.

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