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  1. 4 years ago
    Tue Apr 10 12:24:36 2018
    M Metta posted in A Passionate Release -

    @zombieman50 ~

    Glad you agree! Made my purchase yesterday, and I'm very happy with doogiePIM. Also looking forward to quite a few fixes and enhancements in the next milestone release.

    FYI, if you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out the April-only discount currently available in the news forum:
    > https://bitespire.com/community/235-sponsoring-giveaways-and-discounts

    Hope you enjoy! :-)

  2. Thu Mar 29 23:46:21 2018

    Chris ~

    I'm very glad to hear you've already had some experience creating back/forward navigation for another application -- and I do hope you can get enough endorsements to move forward with this feature.

    I've used a number of different applications both with and without this navigation option, and I can vouch for the fact that it helps tremendously in reducing navigation time and enhancing productivity.

    In fact, the absence of back/forward navigation is usually a deal breaker for me -- so adding this into doogiePIM will just make this amazing application even better than it already is -- and, for others like me, this may actually prove to be a great selling point!

  3. Thu Mar 29 23:40:04 2018

    Great! :-)

    Thanks so much for confirming, Chris. Very much appreciate your help with keeping the parent/child tasks connected.

    Also, no worries about not sharing any specific details. I like surprises -- and, based on everything you've already provided for us, I'm sure these next enhancements will be wonderful, as well! ;-)

  4. Tue Mar 27 16:47:33 2018

    Agreed! Documentation and help files are very helpful!


  5. Tue Mar 27 16:37:36 2018
    M Metta started the conversation Feature Request: Backward/Forward Task Navigation?.

    Another feature that would be extremely helpful for me would be to have a backward/forward navigation option in the task list based on my recent task navigation history.

    As it is, I have to keep in memory where I was before navigating to a new task -- and, after making edits to the new task, I often manage to forget where I was previously, especially where I have, and I'm working in, many similar/related tasks.

    Is this feature anything that might be feasible at some point in a future build?

  6. Tue Mar 27 16:31:06 2018
    M Metta started the conversation Feature Request: Strong Parent/Child Relationships.

    One feature I'd like to see is an option or preference setting for creating "strong" or "tight" connections betwween parent and child tasks.

    This strong connection would apply in at least 3 possible contexts:

    • - When moving a parent task to a different folder, all the children would follow.
    • - When changing the status of a task to waiting or deferred, the status for all the children would be set to match.
    • - When marking a task closed and/or completed, all the children would be marked accordingly.

    I realize everyone might not like to have such a close connection between parent and child tasks, which is why I've requested this as an optional setting -- or perhaps it could be a selection option on each of the aforementioned activities?

    Will be looking forward to your feedback on the feasibility of this request.

  7. Mon Mar 26 15:16:12 2018

    Great! This helps immensely, Chris. Very much appreciate the helpful distinction you've provided.

    I'm pleased to report this is how I'm already using the Backup tool -- and I'll plan my end-of-day Archive accordingly. :-)

  8. Mon Mar 26 13:16:22 2018

    Thanks for clarifying, Chris.

    I'll ask my outstanding question another way:
    > Am I correct in understanding the built-in backup option does NOT include the Data Files?
    > Hence the need for a secondary zip backup? Or does the zip backup serve another, different purpose?

    With my thanks in advance for your patience,

  9. Mon Mar 26 02:44:32 2018

    Excellent! Thanks so much for such a thorough, detailed overview.

    Very helpful for considering ways in which I might consider using this custom date.

  10. Mon Mar 26 02:40:02 2018

    Chris wrote: "Always backup that whole folder [data files] and you're good to go."

    Based on a quick review of the help file, it looks like:
    > we need to run the "archive" option if we want to save ALL our "data files" and
    > the current database we want to archive needs to be CLOSED before executing the archive command.

    Is this correct?

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