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    Fri Jan 7 23:00:17 2022
    M mikeinnc posted in Gmail - doogie not secure?.

    Thanks Chris. Yes, I checked that and it is exactly as you suggest. There's actually no specific setting for IMAP - only POP. But however, it didn't make any difference. If I look at the GMail account in a browser, I can see about 60 emails going back to 2007 (when I created the account), But in Doogie, only about 9 - dating to the day I set it up. Nothing before. It's not important - just seems a bit strange that it doesn't bring down all those others? But thanks for the reply - much appreciated.

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 5 22:36:42 2022
    M mikeinnc posted in Gmail - doogie not secure?.

    Any comments on my query about being able to see all the received messages in the GMail account in-box and not just the latest few? Many thanks!

  3. Mon Jan 3 01:36:35 2022
    M mikeinnc posted in Gmail - doogie not secure?.

    Thanks to both of you for those very valuable comments. I guess Gooogle is 'playing safe' and given the poor practices of many - most? -users, probably a wise approach! I'll check out what the implications are later. One other - probably dumb? - question. The specific Gmail account I am using is one that I have had for a few years, although hardly used. This means there are about 30 or more messages in the inbox - yet only the latest two (from setting it up) are showing in Doogie. Is there a setting to allow Doggie to see all the messages in that account? Many thanks again.

  4. Sun Jan 2 00:19:21 2022
    M mikeinnc posted in Gmail - doogie not secure?.

    Thanks, Chuck. I believe that 2FA isn't mandatory. I certainly know it is available, and I use it with my main account, but I thought it was an option? There appear to be other factors in play?

  5. Sat Jan 1 06:54:21 2022
    M mikeinnc started the conversation Gmail - doogie not secure?.

    I've set up Doggie to interact with a Gmail account, following the instructions given. However, I couldn't get it to log in, with Doogie claiming 'incorrect credentials'. Looking at Gmail via a browser showed me that a 'nonsecure application' tried to access Gmail. OK, I've now allowed 'less secure apps' in the Gmail account and it works. But - I'm a bit uncomfortable with doing this, as Google tells me I'm at greater risk of having the account compromised. Any comments? Is Doogie 'insecure'? Or is Google paranoid! And - is there any way that Doggie can be made a 'secure app' if it really is a problem? Many thanks!

  6. Fri Dec 31 22:26:25 2021
    M mikeinnc posted in Portable installation.

    Thanks to both of you for the replies. I sort-of realised this was the approach - put the downloaded portable version on a USB stick, and run it from there - but it does seem you probably can't also have a version on the system drive. I'd done that - but have now deleted it, and am just using the USB (portable) version. I also wasn't sure if the database file lived on the USB stick as well - although common sense appeared to say it must if the intention is to make the application truly portable. I think the other thing that was confusing me was using the v2 database. I've renamed it for v3, and it's on the USB stick and working well!

  7. Thu Dec 30 04:03:27 2021
    M mikeinnc started the conversation Portable installation.

    Sorry if this is a really dumb question, but exactly how do I install this as a portable version on a USB flash drive? I have just updated from v2 and I have it updated on my computer system drive, but I'd like to be able to use it on a work computer as well, so the portable version would be advantageous. I can't really find anything about a portable installation (in fact, searching for 'portable' brings up zero results!). And can I save my database files on the USB drive as well? (Perhaps an 'idiots guide to a portable installation' might be worthwhile?)

    Thanks - Mike

  8. 2 years ago
    Mon Apr 1 23:40:10 2019
    M mikeinnc posted in Home Page Questions.

    Hi Chris - any movement on this? I've just sat at my computer and it is now Tuesday 02 Apr (morning). Home page is still showing 'Today: Monday 1 April 2019'. Clicking on 'Refresh' in the tool bar successfully changes the 'Quote of the day' at each click, but the date stays stubbornly set on 1 April. OK, as before shutting down and restarting will set the correct date - but should that be necessary? Thanks!

  9. Mon Mar 4 22:45:52 2019
    M mikeinnc posted in Home Page Questions.

    Thanks Chris! Just to confirm it's not an anomaly - I didn't use my computer yesterday (Monday), and this morning, on logging in, it was still showing Sunday... It's easy enough to shut down and restart, and all is well - but I'll look forward to some good news!! Thanks again.

  10. Sun Mar 3 01:58:26 2019
    M mikeinnc posted in Home Page Questions.

    I see in an earlier reply (9 Aug 2017) that you say the Home Page refreshes at midnight - but mine doesn't! For example, today, Sunday 3 March, I sat at my computer and the home page was still showing 'No Events Due - Today - Saturday 02 March, 2019'. I clicked on 'Refresh' but it remained showing Saturday. Even the calendar shows Saturday! It appears that the only way (and I accept, there may be others) that I could get it to 'move' to Sunday was by shutting down and restarting Doogie. So, my question is - why isn't midnight triggering a change as you suggest? I'm in Perth, Western Australia and have time set to local time (UTC +8). Could midnight mean UTC midnight or "my" midnight (I trust the latter)? Any comments welcome, as this is mildly irritating!

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