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    Mon Apr 1 23:40:10 2019
    M mikeinnc posted in Home Page Questions.

    Hi Chris - any movement on this? I've just sat at my computer and it is now Tuesday 02 Apr (morning). Home page is still showing 'Today: Monday 1 April 2019'. Clicking on 'Refresh' in the tool bar successfully changes the 'Quote of the day' at each click, but the date stays stubbornly set on 1 April. OK, as before shutting down and restarting will set the correct date - but should that be necessary? Thanks!

  2. Mon Mar 4 22:45:52 2019
    M mikeinnc posted in Home Page Questions.

    Thanks Chris! Just to confirm it's not an anomaly - I didn't use my computer yesterday (Monday), and this morning, on logging in, it was still showing Sunday... It's easy enough to shut down and restart, and all is well - but I'll look forward to some good news!! Thanks again.

  3. Sun Mar 3 01:58:26 2019
    M mikeinnc posted in Home Page Questions.

    I see in an earlier reply (9 Aug 2017) that you say the Home Page refreshes at midnight - but mine doesn't! For example, today, Sunday 3 March, I sat at my computer and the home page was still showing 'No Events Due - Today - Saturday 02 March, 2019'. I clicked on 'Refresh' but it remained showing Saturday. Even the calendar shows Saturday! It appears that the only way (and I accept, there may be others) that I could get it to 'move' to Sunday was by shutting down and restarting Doogie. So, my question is - why isn't midnight triggering a change as you suggest? I'm in Perth, Western Australia and have time set to local time (UTC +8). Could midnight mean UTC midnight or "my" midnight (I trust the latter)? Any comments welcome, as this is mildly irritating!

  4. Wed Jan 9 05:51:05 2019
    M mikeinnc posted in Recurring Tasks.

    Thanks so much Chris. It seems so easy - yet whenever I'd tried, it never seemed to work for me! Maybe its' 'the way' I was attempting to add an event - who knows? But I tried, as you suggested, and it worked perfectly. I must admit, I always assumed it would - I didn't for a moment imagine that the PIM wouldn't take account of multi-day events! But when things don't quite do what you'd expected, you do start to doubt your own sanity...... My faith is totally restored!!

  5. Tue Jan 8 06:19:19 2019
    M mikeinnc posted in Recurring Tasks.

    I'm not sure if this is quite the place, but here goes....! Can I create an event that spans two days? For example, I have a long flight that starts at 10pm on day 1 and ends at 13:00 (1pm) on day 2. Can I create that event from the one form associated - initially - with day 1 or must I make two events from 22:00 to 23:59 on day 1 and 00:01 to 13:00 on day 2 (and I use those figures as military experience taught me you NEVER use 00:00!!)

  6. Tue Sep 25 23:55:20 2018
    M mikeinnc posted in Let's promote DoogiePim!.

    I was the very fortunate 'winner' of a copy of DoogiePim, and I immediately recognised it as a very comprehensive and powerful PIM. Now that I'm retired, I admit that I probably don't use anywhere near enough of its capabilities, but nonetheless, I can really see its advantages. I recall that I suggested it as a powerful and understated PIM on a site that looks at various such applications, but the comment that came back was that 'since it didn't seamlessly interface with a phone or tablet - IOS or Android - it had very limited usefulness in this day and age', as 'few people now only used a computer'. I only add this as a comment - it's certainly not my consideration. But - maybe it is something that is holding it back from greater penetration of a crowded market?

  7. 3 years ago
    Sun Sep 9 02:47:10 2018

    Thanks Chris. I'm sure that will fix it! It all seems so obvious when you explain......

  8. Sat Sep 8 07:12:28 2018

    I have strange issues, too, with events I have set in my calendar. For example, I have a recurring event set every Thursday morning, with a reminder set for 15 minutes, and a 'default' resource (me!). Yet I seem to get quite random occurrences of the event being flagged as 'overdue' with a dialog on screen when I login to my computer. It's not just this one event - it seems to happen with other events, and they all seem quite random. Sometimes it's a day or so - other time it can be up to a couple of weeks after! I always just hit 'dismiss' or dismiss all' and the dialog disappears, but others will randomly still occur. Am I doing something wrong? Is the reminder logic working as it should? This isn't a show stopper - more just a niggling occurrence, but maybe someone could advise me if they have seen this behaviour, and how I can stop it?

  9. Tue Aug 21 23:40:54 2018

    Thanks so much, Chris! That worked like a charm. It was just slightly irritating seeing constant reference to something I knew had gone......

  10. Tue Aug 21 00:11:42 2018
    M mikeinnc started the conversation How to delete deleted Do Note from Home Page?.

    I'm very much on L plates with Doogie, although I can see it has huge advantages! So, my issue is, I created a 'Do Note' whilst tinkering with the application, and now I don't need that note any longer. So, I went to 'Help'; found the section re Do Notes and duly deleted it from it's (default) location. Problem is - it is still referenced on the home page and nothing I do seems to 'convince' Doogie it has gone and I don't want to see any reference to it! I've refreshed; closed down; restarted - all to no avail. The note is definitely gone, but it is still linked on the home page - '1 Recent Do Note documents' followed by the note name. So - when or how can I get rid of this reference to a now removed and unwanted note? Many thanks!

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