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    Thu Feb 14 20:09:21 2019

    Found it. In 'Tools > Settings > Web Browsing > When launching a URL > Use Windows default browser'.

  2. Thu Feb 14 20:05:55 2019

    I would like to know how to configure doogiePIM so that it opens an URL in my default browser instead of the doogiePIM's build-in browser? Thanks.


  3. Thu Feb 14 19:51:28 2019


    I would like to know how to download all folders from Outlook.com using IMAP4 in Messages. Thanks.


  4. Sun Apr 29 20:14:51 2018

    Is there a way to create a spreadsheet in 'Documents' section and not in 'Finance' section because some of my notes contain information not related to finance? Thanks.

  5. Fri Apr 20 23:35:11 2018
    T tn_dang posted in Paste with image and web address.

    Is there a way to copy / paste the HTML style used in the web page? I tried 'Paste as > HTML format' option but it does not work as I expected. I tried the same thing in MyInfo and it works and I copied from MyInfo and pasted in doogiePIM and it works!

  6. Fri Apr 20 23:22:05 2018

    I also won a licence from the DonationCoder forum. I was a do-Organizer user but stop using it because it's slow. Right now I use several applications to keep track information:

    + Linkman
    + KeePass
    + MyInfo
    + RightNote
    + The Guide
    + eM Client

    I hope that doogiePIM will replace all of them.

  7. Thu Apr 19 19:50:23 2018
    T tn_dang joined the forum.