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  1. 3 years ago
    Thu Feb 7 03:46:06 2019
    L LeMayzing posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    I finally got doogiePIM working again! The hidden screen showed when I used [Alt+Tab] and could see mini windows of all my active windows so that I could choose one. It still would not allow me to select the hidden window. I then tried your steps 3. a, b, and c and that brought the hidden window back into focus. I could then move it and update it. After getting the Event window unstuck, all is well again!!

    Thank you.

  2. Tue Feb 5 16:45:12 2019
    L LeMayzing posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    @ Chris
    I understand your explanation of "modality" but this issue is not that. The pop-up windows respond to my mouse clicks. When just the main screen is open, I'm usually on the calendar most often, I cannot do anything. The window locks up. It does not even give me a message. There is no other doogiePIM window/pop-up open (or if there is, it is invisible!!).

  3. Tue Feb 5 05:17:12 2019
    L LeMayzing posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    Please help. My doogiePIM has stopped responding. I open the database and open the calendar. As soon as I double-click on an event (I want to edit the event), the program refuses to respond to anything I try to do. I cannot open another tab, open an event, open a task, highlight a different icon, etc. However, task reminders will still pop-up. The Task Reminder window DOES respond. If I click on Locate, the program does respond by opening the task tab and locating the specific task. When I click on Open, the task will open. I can make changes on the Task pop-up window. Once I return to the main program, I cannot select anything. I get no response. If I continue to click, I start getting error sounds, like I've selected an invalid option.
    I am on the Jan 22 version of the program. I'm running Windows 10. I use eset for anti-virus and Malwarebytes for anti-malware.

  4. Mon Dec 24 05:08:24 2018
    L LeMayzing posted in "Show time as" Calendar Event Bar.

    Thank you!!

  5. Sun Dec 16 21:48:30 2018
    L LeMayzing started the conversation "Show time as" Calendar Event Bar.

    I updated to version

    The "show time as" line on the left side of the calendar event was changed in this version. It was made thin. This is ok although I'm not sure why it was changed. It didn't take up that much space. However here is what has been lost:

    The "color" selected in setting up the event for the "show as" bar is not reflected properly anymore. If I select "free" the bar does not show as white or to not show the bar at all. So "free" looks just like "busy".

    Also, I show my calendar in half-hour segments. When I had a time that began on say 10:15, it used to show the 10:00 - 10:15 portion of the bar as white so that I could tell at a glance and not have to read the times specified for the event. I really miss that feature and would really like to have it back.

    Thank you.

  6. 4 years ago
    Wed Jun 20 02:22:45 2018

    I'd be really happy to see this added to the calendar as well. Thanks.

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