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    Wed May 22 19:57:42 2019
    D Dormouse posted in updates don't work.

    I don't know what happened. I redownloaded a few times & also restarted the computer a few times (the restarts weren't related to doogiePIM), and suddenly they both (portable & install) work. Temporary glitch or download problem I guess. But all good now.

  2. Tue May 21 07:03:21 2019
    D Dormouse started the conversation updates don't work.

    As in the title.

  3. Fri May 17 09:29:00 2019
    D Dormouse posted in Things I've noticed.

    I tested WordWeb in one document and it worked perfectly. I didn't test other modules.

  4. Mon Dec 31 13:45:48 2018

    Of course, once a report is set up, updating is easy and quick.

    As a matter of interest, I checked to see what could be done from the noteboard. Seems that it can print the text from all selected blocks (each on a separate page), but only in the block age sequence (0001 first & etc) - even if the names have been changed. Couldn't find an easy way to type a large amount of text into them without expanding the block or using cut and paste. I wondered whether the type of functionality seen in the Scrivener (v3) corkboard vis a vis the main text would be possible; but then I thought would I really want to use it like that? Tried to see if same could be implemented using linked documents, but switching to the linked document was very slow on my computer (would have been much faster to do it manually) despite very small database and a computer that's not very slow (Surface Book).

    PS Tried compacting the database and the switching was much snappier. Expected behaviour? How often should we compact?

  5. Sun Dec 23 20:26:49 2018

    OK. Thanks.

    Convoluted but functional.

    I'm not likely to use it frequently, so that's managable

  6. Sun Dec 23 19:23:53 2018


    I'm assuming that this hasn't been implemented yet?

  7. Sat Dec 22 18:46:29 2018
    D Dormouse posted in Julian/Gregorian.

    Use case is simple. If you are writing or researching something set in a historical period, it a calendar helps to see how events fit together. And sometimes you will have a date and need to know the day (and vice versa). For most European uses, the Julian and Gregorian are sufficient (though there are some specialist exceptions, and the timing of the switch varied between countries). It's less important the earlier you go (especially BC) because there were different dating conventions. Ditto for other areas and civilisations.

    There are other ways of doing it (Aeon Timeline is almost infinitely adjustable, though it takes quite a bit of work), but it can be useful to have it all in one place.

  8. Fri Dec 21 20:06:53 2018
    D Dormouse started the conversation Julian/Gregorian.

    I've noticed that calendars can go back a long way (1AD?). I assume that this is an extension backwards of the Gregorian Calendar (which was only introduced in 1582).
    Is this correct, or have you incorporated a formal switch from Julian to Gregorian? & if so, what country switch did you follow?

  9. Sat Dec 15 10:38:46 2018
    D Dormouse started the conversation Autosave crash?.

    Crashing. 'Something unexpected happened.' - couldn't read size of data file. I should have sent report, but decided to try continuing instead and wrote a little more. But happened again. When I closed and reloaded, it hadn't saved the extra. I'll send a report if it happens again. I think it may have happened after I used the CTRL/mouse combo to increase text size.

  10. Tue Oct 30 15:47:09 2018

    Quite a few reasons not to use Norton. Avast is OK. I used Outpost at one time; when it was taken over by Kaspersky, I decided to decline the free year of Kaspersky because I had lost confidence in its privacy (too many Russian internet attacks; nothing to do with Kaspersky, but I preferred to stay well away). Decided to go with Bitdefender. Haven't regretted it; not intrusive & doesn't seem to slow my system. Used Avast many years ago, and think it is a good free option - but then Windows Defender isn't that bad now either.

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