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    Sat Dec 15 10:38:46 2018
    D Dormouse started the conversation Autosave crash?.

    Crashing. 'Something unexpected happened.' - couldn't read size of data file. I should have sent report, but decided to try continuing instead and wrote a little more. But happened again. When I closed and reloaded, it hadn't saved the extra. I'll send a report if it happens again. I think it may have happened after I used the CTRL/mouse combo to increase text size.

  2. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 30 15:47:09 2018

    Quite a few reasons not to use Norton. Avast is OK. I used Outpost at one time; when it was taken over by Kaspersky, I decided to decline the free year of Kaspersky because I had lost confidence in its privacy (too many Russian internet attacks; nothing to do with Kaspersky, but I preferred to stay well away). Decided to go with Bitdefender. Haven't regretted it; not intrusive & doesn't seem to slow my system. Used Avast many years ago, and think it is a good free option - but then Windows Defender isn't that bad now either.

  3. 5 months ago
    Wed Jul 11 21:03:56 2018
    D Dormouse posted in In Interest of Privacy and Freedom.

    Mostly I don't use Linux at all.
    There have been times in the past when I used it more, occasionally more than Windows. And I prefer cross-platform apps because I can switch if I want to. But Windows has a greater range of utility and efficiency for me and works well enough for now. If my needs reduce, then Linux will be a contender. But might consider the Chromebook route then.
    I'm agnostic about distro. Not even sure which ones I have installed, though none are up-to-date. I go with what seems best at the time.

  4. Wed Jun 27 22:37:09 2018
    D Dormouse posted in Localisation.

    That's fine. It means that repurposing will be entirely feasible.

    For instance, not that I'd thought of doing it, it would be possible for someone playing a RPG (or running a game) to redo the Contacts to contain characters, possessions etc. Or details of the animals if they are running an animal sanctuary. I doubt if many people will be doing a query on an exported database, but they might be motivated to adapt a module if they have a particular need and have no use for the module's original purpose.

  5. Wed Jun 27 17:52:41 2018
    D Dormouse posted in Localisation.

    If it is true localisation, I would expect all visible labels to be changeable to the new language - eg in Resources, Product, Short desc, Contact name etc, should be changeable to words that are similarly meaningful in the new language.
    Is this not what you intend?

  6. Mon Jun 25 18:06:41 2018
    D Dormouse posted in Localisation.

    I agree that I see no problem with unused Contacts or any other component.

    What I do see is an opportunity to use Resources (or indeed Contacts) in a different way by having the ability to change the labels.

  7. Sun Jun 24 10:26:14 2018
    D Dormouse started the conversation Localisation.

    I've had a look at the comments on BdJ.

    I particularly noticed the one about hiding business info.
    I don't know if there might be some value in hiding components on the program - I very much doubt there being many users who use them all but the business side (contacts/resources & etc) does speak to a particular design philosophy and purpose which was a big thing when Do-Org started. But times have moved on and most of this use has now moved online - into the cloud or corporate servers - even for SMEs.
    Personally I see little need for hiding. An unused component doesn't really get in the way.
    But I do see a lot of potentially usable functionality that I don't use because the database items are hard-coded. This is the sort of thing I was talking about when I was looking at the possibility of repurposing with the language options when they come.

  8. 6 months ago
    Thu May 24 20:36:05 2018
    D Dormouse posted in Text folding.

    I think it is exactly the same as code folding, except in a text document rather than code in a text editor.

    Allows working in sections in a single large document which can be much easier than working through lots of sub documents. If necessary, we could add a note in a text box to indicate exactly what had been folded away.

  9. Thu May 24 16:23:57 2018
    D Dormouse started the conversation Text folding.

    Just to say I would really like this as a feature. It's not found in most document or writing programs (with the exception of Writemonkey) but is quite common in text editors.

  10. Thu May 24 14:23:22 2018
    D Dormouse started the conversation Database Editor.

    @Chris Yes, more tools will be made available, such as a raw database editor to get into the finer details of the SQL data within your database. ;)

    I do like the idea of a database editor. Partly because it allows an alternative way of accessing the data.

    But also because it might offer the potential to edit labels etc. I'd use it a lot in the resources and contacts sections which have limited utility for me as is. I'd happily pay extra (up to a point!) for this functionality. I suspect it would be a function that some people would use a lot and most others not at all.

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