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    Tue Jul 10 15:42:32 2018
    M mdw20 started the conversation In Interest of Privacy and Freedom.

    In the interest of privacy, freedom, and other privacy-related news- please consider a Linux (Debian) version of Doogie.

    Microsoft Windows OS is infamous for being vulnerable to malware, trojans, and viruses. Linux is almost non-vulnerable and more secure due to its inherent design. Linux does not require the use of commercial anti-virus/anti-malware packages. In fact, some version of GNU/Linux is chosen most often for supercomputers and security.

    Linux respects privacy. Unlike windows, it does not generate logs and upload data from your machine. A user should be well aware of Windows privacy policy. Linux allows the user to install only the desired software nothing else (no bloatware). Linux allows full freedom. If there were a backdoor or vulnerability in Linux, you'd know it because of it being opensource and community driven. Typically, one only becomes aware vulnerabilities in Mac/Windows if it is disclosed by the company itself, maybe its users/communities, etc. Control over user-data is essential

    No, I am not saying Linux is "perfect". When WikiLeaks released Vault 7, it revealed numerous nsa hacking capabilities and vulnerabilities for every major operating systems (windows, mac, android, ios, and Linux). But (IMHO), Linux is king compared to Windows & Mac when it comes to control, privacy, and freedom. It also gives users/developers the best chance at protecting what's theirs - data. I currently only use windows for Doogie and sometimes Office (though I have office completely installed and operable on Linux via Crossover).

    I know development for Linux may not be planned, but I humbly ask that it be considered. If I am in the minority of wanting a Linux version, I will understand why a Linux version of Doogie may not happen.

    For the record: I trust Christopher M. Payton (others if applicable) 100% when it comes privacy/security and overall development of Doogie. The concerns mentioned are not an indictment on BiteSpire.

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