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    Thu Mar 7 05:28:06 2019

    OK, I created a new database & imported my 1,300 bookmarks but the folders weren't included, just deleting duplicates & bookmarks with weird looking characters tonight. I'll file tomorrow. If all goes well, I guess I should move everything else over to this database?

  2. Mon Mar 4 20:12:13 2019

    Yes, my backup bookmarks appear in a different order than I left them, too. I'll create a new database tonight & do as you suggest. I imported only upon initially setting up, but since , have been cleaning them, up, manually.

    Thank you Chris, for your prompt assistance.

  3. Mon Mar 4 08:37:34 2019

    Also, whenever I open the program and go to Bookmarks, I'm missing a particular folder - always the same folder and I keep finding it filed incorrectly, buried layers deep inside several subfolders. ( all of my top level folders are in alphabetical order and there are very few of them, it is one of these folders.)

    Tonight , I don't see it at all. I backed up twice during my last session but have yet to find it, and using Search brings nothing up. Thanks, Sarah

  4. Mon Mar 4 08:22:18 2019
    SarahK started the conversation Bookmarks Folders Disappearing / Reappearing.

    Hi Chris,

    I'm in the process of organizing my bookmarks from various dates, devices and browsers.

    Not all sub folders are showing, though, so when I try to delete what appears to be an empty folder, it won't let me (thankfully). I move these empty looking folders to a 'Delete' folder I created in Bookmarks, but the next day, they contain sub-folders & (more) bookmarks.

    Thanks to the protective features & flexibility of DoogiePIM, and since this is a casual, personal project with no deadline, this is not a major problem, I just wanted to let you know it's happening.

    Thank you!

  5. 2 years ago
    Tue Nov 27 02:15:25 2018

    Perhaps a web-to-pdf or htm capture/edit/annotate tool, or the ability to keep whatever parts of the page we want & delete the rest is asking a lot, but I know I would get a lot of use out of it.

    Web to pdf seems almost commonplace, nowadays. Many apps & browser extensions for this are available, but I prefer to keep my related information in DoogiePIM, where I have the most functional options available for my needs.

    I'll try pasting or exporting from one of these apps into documents & see what happens.

  6. Mon Jul 23 17:55:17 2018
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