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    Sat Jan 12 19:36:00 2019

    "I sincerely hope our privacy efforts are helped with better technology that keep our means of free speech but better us to evolve in such a way that helps everyone and every living thing on this planet."

    I love this...Thanks!

  2. Sat Dec 29 02:03:44 2018
    G Gayle posted in Contacts Folder Counts.

    I have been working on cleaning up my extensive contacts list. I spent over an hour purging and deleting old contacts today.
    But, strangely the contact count that appears next to the folders doesn't change.
    It reads 491
    After purging I exported as a csv file and got a count of 364.
    I tried a compact to see if it would clear it up but didn't work.
    I also saw a "Refresh Navigator Tree" (F5) command but it's greyed out and I can't figure out how to activate it.
    Any suggestions?

  3. Tue Dec 4 01:42:17 2018
    G Gayle started the conversation Vault Export?.

    Is it possible to export the vault contents as a csv?

  4. Sun Nov 25 20:17:08 2018
    G Gayle started the conversation Recurring Tasks.

    I was wondering if there is a way to enter a recurring task...or, is it better just to create a recurring event?

  5. Wed Oct 31 00:54:18 2018
    G Gayle posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    I just tried something that helped my situation. In the "Messages" settings both boxes were unchecked for "Delete Attachments" before Reply and Forward. I checked the delete Reply and my message was sent.

  6. Wed Oct 31 00:44:14 2018
    G Gayle posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    I have been experiencing the same problem, but it occurs when I try to send an email that I have replied to. Not every time but about 80% of the time. Not occurring in other modules.

  7. Mon Jul 30 20:47:54 2018
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