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    Sun Oct 28 18:18:30 2018
    big-red posted in Emails CC and BCC.

    Ah ha ... I hadn't considered that there were other view options.

    Thanks RandallG

  2. Sat Oct 27 22:03:08 2018
    big-red posted in Emails CC and BCC.

    Hi folks,

    Hopefully this is an question easily answered. When sending emails to CC several recipients you just add them to the list separated by commas. However, I can't see how to BCC recipients. Is this possible?

    :) Nick

  3. Sat Oct 6 21:20:36 2018
    big-red started the conversation Logo on emails.

    Hi Chris - or whoever would like to offer a solution :)

    I'm close to migrating all of my business emailing activities to DoogiePIM. There's just one challenge that I've encountered. I don't seem to be able to create a template that embeds my company logo to use for new emails, fowarding and replies.

    I've tried using Scratchpad, but it seems you can only use text with this tool. I've created an email in 'drafts and templates.' It looks OK and includes my logo but when I create an email, select 'hide or show templates', and select my previously saved template, only the text is visible, not the jpg logo.

    I could use the right-click / insert picture option, but that would be very cumbersome.

    Any suggestions people?

  4. Sun Sep 23 19:55:28 2018
    big-red started the conversation Recent Changes.

    Hi Chris,

    Excellent array of new features and fixes in The added message blacklist features are already making life much easier. Now I can just watch as the junk folder populates.

    Also I'm really liking the new folder search capability when moving emails in the message tab. I'm liking that the folders are located as each new letter is typed. I like that sub-folders are also located.

    A few minor tweak suggestions to the move email dialogue. At the moment you can select the search field by either clicking on it, or using the shift key. Would it be possible to start typing immediately into the search field when ctl-m is invoked? It would save an extra key press. Also, could we have an option to hit 'enter' to move the message to the select folder instead of using the 'ok' button.

    Still many recent changes to check out yet :)

  5. Mon Aug 13 19:49:13 2018
    big-red posted in Noteboard.

    re: 'Would love to read more feedback about this from others if they are passing.' Have you thought about adding BitSpire Community 'recent comments' to the app homepage? Might get more reads :) I guess users would need to stay logged into the community webpage to view the comments?

  6. Mon Aug 13 19:31:27 2018
    big-red posted in Noteboard.

    Hi Chris - my bad. When I went back and tried again, yes I'm already using the method you describe.

    However, using the correct method, I still get the created line jumping to a different block than I left click on. Also, often, no line is created at all when I left click the target block. I can see the superimposed line when I hover but when I left click on the target no actual line is created.

    Shall I try re-installing?

  7. Sun Aug 12 03:00:12 2018
    big-red started the conversation Messaging tab improvements.

    Hi Chris,

    I'm slowly migrating to DoogiePIM. At present I'm using several different apps for my needs, and look forward to integrating all of my requirements into one super app - DoogiePIM.

    For mail, I'm using 'The Bat'. It's a great app, but has a lot more functions that I actually need. There are a few things that I'll miss when I move my mail to DoogiePIM. Chris, you might like to look at implementing some of these ideas - Maybe some are already there but I haven't found them yet.

    1. Limiting the size of a message downloaded from the mail server. In 'The Bat' I can select 500kb maximum (or whatever I select). I can then choose to fully download the message if I want. This often prevents large spam messages arriving to my mailbox. This might help with a little issue I'm having where DoogiePIM crashes if I try to delete a large message while it's still downloading.

    2. As I use mail management apps for business, I have many many folders and sub-folders. supplier, customers etc. I'm finding DoogiePIM a little cumbersome moving messages to the selected folder. I don't want to set up a message rule for every contact I have. In 'The Bat' I can select the message, hit Ctl-V, a box comes up and I can search for the folder to move the message into. Even just for locating message folders, a folder search option would be great.

    3. I found a post regards alphabetically sorting folders and sub-folders. Would be good to do this with mail folders also.

    4. I would be nice if I could mark a message for blacklisting, and the message would immediately get moved to the junk folder.

    5. I can't see a way to expand / collapse all folders in the tree. Possible?

    As you can see from the above, I'm inherently lazy, and want things to be as easy as possible. I understand that you must have many suggestions coming your way, and that you have limited time resources. Maybe some of my suggestions could end up on your to-do list?

  8. Sun Aug 12 02:26:54 2018
    big-red started the conversation Noteboard.

    Hi Chris and your dedicated followers - from what I read on this forum.

    This is my first post after purchasing DoogiePIM a few months ago. I thought that I'd have a good play with it before commenting.

    It's awesome, but I do have a few small issues and suggestions.

    When using the Noteboard, I'm having difficulty dragging lines between blocks. I understand the method, but often when I drag the line it jumps to a different block when I let go the mouse button, not the block I'm aiming for. Using the 'new connector line' button doesn't help either, as often no line appears when letting go the mouse button. Now and again the draw line function does work, but I'm unable to consistently reproduce a working method. I'm an avid mindmapper, so really like this note format.

    Anybody else having issues? I've also got some suggestions for improving the messages tab but I'll post them in the 'general' section

  9. Sun Aug 12 02:08:44 2018
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