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    Thu Oct 4 00:57:05 2018
    D Deeter started the conversation doogiePIM a hit on Hacker News!!!.

    Hi all!

    For anyone who isn't aware Chris did a Show HN feature post a few days ago on the Hacker News (HN) and it's still going strong! You can see the post here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18120483 .

    If you an HN user please make a supportive post about using doogiePIM and upvote his post. Let's share the news of Chris and his amazing app with the world and keep the post alive as long as possible!!


  2. Tue Aug 14 23:03:53 2018
    D Deeter posted in Let's promote DoogiePim!.

    I wholeheartedly concur with everything that has been said on this thread. DoogiePIM is a revolutionary product with the potential to change how thousands of people do work.

    I recommend Chris do a 'Show HN' post on YCombinator's Hacker News page and submit DoogiePIM to Product Hunt to help get the word out on this amazing tool. (I'd do it myself but both communities require the original developer do the actual submission). :P

    I'll definitely volunteer to be the first person to post a supportive comment in each community!!!

  3. Tue Aug 14 22:46:30 2018

    You're quite welcome, doogiePIM is truly an amazing product and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking it for a test drive over the last few days.

    I understand the concern with integrating a fully functional browser balanced with the need for privacy and security (especially in today's age). I would propose, it at all possible, a setting the user could activate (or not) allowing for the base browser to be able to accept extensions in order to further enhance the capabilities of an already amazing platform. It would certainly do wonders to further my own productivity as I would no longer need to alternate between doogiePIM and my browser (although I'm more of a Firefox guy!).

    As for the positioning and behavior of the sidebar/side panels I had seen your video on doogiePIM's YouTube channel and have been playing around with how to optimize the app for my needs. The collapsible feature I described in the previous post can be likened to what the creator of Clibu is attempting with his webapp that has some similar functionality to doogiePIM (you can see how the side bar buttons expand into quick reference panes at https://myclibu.com. ).

    While doogiePIM is far more mature an application and locally installed I think this type of capability would assist users in maximizing screen real estate for next action items while also allowing for maximum use of the sidebar as a quick reference element verses a static viewing pane.

  4. Mon Aug 13 19:04:25 2018


    You're very welcome! DoogiePIM is the best kept secret on the web, and it shouldn't be! What's even more amazing to me is that it's a solid, stable, and mature application that isn't the product of a big tech company but was born out of the dedication and passion of one uniquely gifted individual.

    I'm reminded of the long running thread on HN asking how readers organize all the information in their life (emails, bookmarks, notes, etc). You can find the post here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12794292 , but the synopsis is all of us power users and knowledge workers are desperate to find an all-in-solution that doesn't require juggling a dozen or so apps to get a given task done. Based off the original poster's description, which mirrors my own needs, doogiePIM is the only application I've ever used that checks every single one of those blocks users want and then some.

    Is it possible to incorporate Chrome or Firefox extensions (seeing as how they are now the same standard) to the doogiePIM web browser? This would allow for greater integration not just on the Personal Information side of things but also in the field of Personal Knowledge Management. For example I would be able to use my Evernote Web Clipper add-on in addition to doogiePIM's already built in feature to capture or drag and drop OLE objects to even greater effect.

    I'm also curious about the behavior of the side panel. While this may work for many users I still prefer the horizontal tab view that puts my tabs on the top of the screen. This would however involve a few more clicks to redeploy the sidebar if I wanted to see my downloads list or history. Is it possible to amend the code so as to function like the Opera or old Firefox All-in-One Sidebar, where those additional toolbar buttons at the bottom of the sidebar could be incorporated under the Home, Tasks, etc bar and could deploy out as needed? This may lead to greater functionality for some users as it would allow for a few less clicks while also presenting maximum real estate on the app itself for whatever function was being actioned at the time in the primary frame window.

    Additionally, is it possible to change the settings of the chime reminders so they do not interrupt the user's typing should that occur when the window appears?

  5. Mon Aug 13 16:10:04 2018
    D Deeter started the conversation Feature Request: Rearrangeable Tabs.

    Thank you for this amazing application. I've spent years looking for something like this only to stumble upon it on Stack Social. I've been shocked and amazed that so few people seem to know about DoogiePIM even though it has been out for two years - this is the solution a lot of productivity and organizing types I know want and need in their life!

    I love that there is an active community surrounding this application. Is there any way, or a plan to implement a feature, to be able to move and rearrange tabs in the sidebar and/or horizontal tab bar? This would be of great benefit to me, and I'm sure many others, as I have a tendency to align my most active tabs to the left in order to be actioned first.

    On a minor side note, is there a way to utilize the spellcheck feature of Chromium on the DoogiePIM web browser? By nature I cannot spell worth a damn and when I right click on the red underlined word there is no option to correct the wording.

  6. Mon Aug 13 15:54:54 2018
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