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    Sun Sep 30 06:54:10 2018
    F fof9l posted in Bug in Calendar?.

    Thanks, Chris. Just out of interest, what was the problem? I'd be interested...


  2. Fri Sep 28 21:34:41 2018
    F fof9l posted in Bug in Calendar?.

    And here's the same hosted as per your suggestion:


    Hope this works too.


  3. Fri Sep 28 20:55:11 2018
    F fof9l posted in Bug in Calendar?.

    You asked for a screen shot of the home screen. Here's one:


    Hope this helps. It's certainly a strange one... Thanks,


  4. Fri Sep 28 20:26:19 2018
    F fof9l posted in Bug in Calendar?.

    Thanks Chris. I also managed to set it up on my website, I think: See if you can see this:


    In the meantime I'll try your method.


  5. Fri Sep 28 20:03:59 2018
    F fof9l posted in Bug in Calendar?.

    Thanks for this, Chris - sorry for the delay in replying.

    How do I attach an image to this reply? I don't have it on a web site - it's a JPG on my computer. Thanks,


  6. Fri Sep 28 05:43:20 2018
    F fof9l started the conversation Menus bug - or is it a feature?.

    I've noticed that, when I run my mouse over the menu items in a menu bar, the item under the mouse pointer goes to a dark background, as one would expect. However, if I click and then run the mouse over a menu item, the text in the header row disappears. Is this an exercise to keep memory loss at bay (I have to remember which menuitem column I'm in!) or is it a strange bug?



  7. Fri Sep 28 05:38:07 2018
    F fof9l started the conversation Bug in Calendar?.

    As the first item I processed on my new copy of DoogiePIM, I included a forthcoming Jewish festival, which starts on the evening of September 30th 2018, and ends on the evening of October 2nd, 2018. The event, which spreads over two days, is properly set up as one event. However, in the main window, it shows curiously; the start date is in dd/mm/yyyy format, and the end date is in dd mmm yyyy format. Also, the length of the event is shown, not as two days, but as 65535 days, which suggests a problem!

    The date format on my computer is set as dd/mm/yyyy (UK format), and I'm running Windows 10. I have a PDF showing this issue but I understand that I can't upload it directly; if you want to see it, please let me know how to send it. Thanks,


  8. Fri Sep 28 04:33:23 2018

    How can I extend the life of my SSD? Well, the first thing I want to do is to cut down the number of writes to the drive. To that end, I would love to be able to store my DoogiePIM database(s) on a drive other than my C: drive, maybe on an NAS or on a separate (old-fashioned) spinning hard drive.

    Is this possible? If not, is it likely?

    Thanks kin advance, Chris - I'm a brand new user and I love the community.


  9. Fri Sep 28 04:08:44 2018
    F fof9l joined the forum.