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  1. 4 months ago
    Fri Oct 18 15:37:22 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Next release?.

    I can't give an exact date by I can say version should be within a couple of weeks or so.

    Many thanks for your support and interest.

  2. Tue Sep 24 16:48:31 2019
    BiteSpire posted in DoogiePIM on LINUX.

    We have tried doogiePIM on Linux Mint and found the sections and database worked using Wine. However, the browser component didn't work so well.

    Work is still on going to improve Linux under Wine and other emulators.

  3. 5 months ago
    Thu Sep 19 16:51:36 2019

    Indeed a curious situation. The investigations begin....

    Many thanks for reporting this anomaly.

  4. Wed Sep 18 10:06:57 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Database encryption .

    It looks like a cosmetic issue in the combo dropdown. Many thanks for spotting the mistake.

    Added to v2.1.1.9 tasks.

  5. Tue Sep 17 16:11:02 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Database encryption .

    Yes, TwoFish removed from database encryption options in v2.1.1.8. This was done to comply with encryption laws in certain countries and with Windows 10 it caused problems with the data encryption. We want to keep the quality of data accessible for you in future versions of doogiePIM.

  6. 6 months ago
    Sat Jul 27 09:56:50 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Startup tabs?.

    This is actually going to be replaced with a drop down selection instead of radio buttons. I can agree it is quite confusing.
    It's more of "Action of tabs to show at startup".

    In order to achieve several open tabs:

    1. Select the option "Restore Tabs from last session", from the Settings.
    2. Open the tabs/sections you want. eg: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and
    3. Restart doogiePIM and you'll find the session with your tabs restored each time.

    Each open window remembers its own settings so you can create two different windows with very different tabs.

    I hope this helps.
    - Chris

  7. Fri Jul 26 07:17:02 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Document Hyperlinks.

    The glitch has been found and has been scheduled to be fixed for the next update. Thank you for the report.

  8. Fri Jul 26 07:13:50 2019
    BiteSpire posted in PDF Page Bookmarks.

    When Bookmarking, the system tries to bookmark the current URL displayed. However, you'll be pleased to know this feature of bookmarking the page position is on the schedule of development.... and yes, I use doogiePIM to develop doogiePIM.... doogieception!


    Thanks for support of the feature.

  9. Wed Jul 24 08:35:24 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Document Hyperlinks.

    Hmm, that's odd as the tests I tried appear to work. I'll investigate further as to why it isn't working for you.

    Are the hyperlink URLs https type links or are they internal database links?

    Many thanks for this report.... The game is afoot :)

  10. 7 months ago
    Tue Jul 23 07:01:05 2019

    The problem is one of legality.

    Chrome has licences for all the major video formats and is coded to play videos better.
    doogiePIM doesn't have all the needed licences yet.

    There is one major format, H.264. This format is widely used and I'm in the process of obtaining the licence to use this in my software. I could use rogue libraries but that would be illegal.

    As at the time of writing, I'm waiting for approval to use the patented format H.264 in doogiePIM. Once done, the range and formats of the built-in video player will greatly improve.

    - Chris

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