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    Fri May 3 14:30:31 2019
    K kris started the conversation Email account sync problem.

    Today, I have add a email account (gmail) to my message section. I have tried to send a message (from doogiePIM) but I have not been able to send it. It has displayed this "Username and password not accepted. Learn more at........". So I have been searching and finaly I have turned on less secure apps access, which obiusly is not recommended (https://ibb.co/vYphWkp ). Once done that doogiePIM works well. My question is if doogiePIM can works without turning on that option. I have never had to turn on this option with any other email client.


  2. Fri May 3 14:08:08 2019
    K kris started the conversation Database encryption .

    When I try to encrypt the database with AES, blowfish, square, DES... I have no problem. But when I try to encrypt the databse with twofish (128 bits - 256 bits) It displays a message saying "Error occurred on changing the password".


  3. 2 months ago
    Sun Feb 24 14:57:23 2019
    K kris started the conversation Journal order.

    I want to know if it is possible to order folders in the journal section by name instead of by date. For example, in my case I have created a folder called 2019 and then some subfolders (february, march, and april). I have writeen february like this "2- February" to see if it was going to put above April and March. The problem is that I do not know how I can order the folders by name. My intention is to have in order de months, first January and last December.

    And is it possible to change the order of the journals. For example, in my journal I want to have the journals ordered from the oldest to the newest ( 15, 16, 20, 24 of february instead of 24, 20, 16, 15 of february. The same option to the folders will be intereseting.

    It will be interesting to have the option to customize the option to order (by name, date, upward or downward) by selecting some folders or journals becauses perhaps I do not want to order all the folders by name or date or upward and downward.


  4. 3 months ago
    Sat Feb 16 15:06:40 2019
    K kris posted in Vault section.


    I can´t see the button to "Show/Hide Passwords as Stars". I only have seen the button "***" but it only works when you´re editing. When you close "Add/Edit Vault Ítem" the changes are not saved, so I want to know if there is any way to save see the pass and username instead of stars.

  5. Sun Feb 10 18:06:28 2019
    K kris started the conversation Shortcuts for browsing mode.

    I will like to select with sifht+cursor (arrow keys) the different tabs and also the possibility to remove them with del. shortcut. The same thing I want for History section. Here, there is the first shortcut option but not the del. shortcut option. It will also be interesting shortcuts for "open in new tab" and "open in new window".

  6. Sun Feb 10 17:58:10 2019
    K kris started the conversation Browser shortcuts F11 and Ctrl+F.


    The shortcuts F11 (full screen) and Ctrl+F (find...) are not working.

  7. Sun Feb 10 11:26:21 2019

    Yes, I think you´re right. I´ll do my best to translate the program into spanish without others help.

  8. Sat Feb 9 13:05:38 2019

    Me gustaría que me dieseis vuestra opinión respecto a las palabras que voy a poner más abajo. Cuando digo opinión no es solo decir qué palabra encaja mejor en la traducción sino que también tenéis que mencionar el porqué.

    Resources = Recursos= Medios (En principio yo me decanto por Recursos aunque tengo mis dudas)

    Noteboard = Tablero de notas (Yo creo que es la traducción más adecuada aunque quiero saber vuestra opinión).

    Back-up= Respaldo = Copia de seguridad ( Yo en principio usaría la palabra "respaldo" debido a su longitud. Aunque temo que algunos hispanohablantes, dependiendo del su origen, vayan a localizar mejor el término "copia de seguridad" que "respaldo").

    Clear = limpiar = eliminar (Yo personalmente usaría limpiar, ya que hay otro término, "erase", al cual le he asignado la traducción de eliminar (a mi parecer más correcta que borrar).

    Más adelante subiré más términos.

    Gracias por vuestra ayuda.

    Un cordial saludo.

  9. Sat Feb 9 12:43:48 2019
    K kris started the conversation Ayúdame a traducir - Help me to translate.

    Hola hispanohablantes,

    Aquí, me dedicaré a hacer preguntas respecto a la traducción al español de doogiePIM. En principio, iré preguntando las dudas que me vayan surgiendo a la hora de escoger las palabras más acertadas para la traducción.

  10. Sat Feb 9 12:33:32 2019
    K kris started the conversation Translation problem.


    I have a question. When I have to translate =Always Ask, must I respect the order of the words?

    I ask this because Always Ask = Preguntar Siempre (Ask Always).

    Another example: Always add new record = Añada siempre un nuevo registro (Add always a new record). In this case the order of more words has changed. I also wnat to know if i have to put or not the article "un = a". The translation is correct but I do not know if the order or adding new words like articles can affect in some way.

    When translating "Vault" I also have a Little trouble. Vault = Caja fuerte or Caja Fuerte (The first word with capital letter or the two?).

    For translation problems or doubts I am opening a new conversation.

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