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    Sun Feb 10 12:19:56 2019
    Chris posted in Translation problem.

    It is best to translate the phrases as you understand them in your own language. Don't just translate the individual words. Use the phrase in context to where it is in the UI. I wish I could help but I don't speak Spanish.

    Good luck and many thanks for supporting doogiePIM.

  2. Thu Feb 7 10:57:41 2019
    Chris posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    @LeMayzing : Thanks for sharing the great news.


  3. Wed Feb 6 17:34:45 2019

    I've made quite a few changes to the window states for each session so your first run of this new version will be as if it's in no saved state.

    Just set up your tabs, colours, arrangement, etc as you like it. Then restart your doogiePIM and you should find it remembers the state.

    This is because of creating a New doogiePIM Window can also have its own state, allowing you to have split screen, eg: Documents on one side and a browser on the other.

    Sorry for the startling upgrade.

  4. Wed Feb 6 13:31:42 2019
    Chris started the conversation doogiePIM version is now available.

    doogiePIM version is now available for download on the download page:

    You can read the full history of changes here:

  5. Wed Feb 6 13:30:39 2019

    I've tested the new version with a HTML file generated from Chrome, Opera and Firefox. All appear to be importing correctly now with Unicode characters.

    Please test this on a new database before you commit to your live production database.

  6. Tue Feb 5 20:08:39 2019

    @Chris This is a Unicode glitch. Thanks for noticing it.
    I've fixed this today but will upload a new version on Monday Wednesday afternoon so it includes some other fixes and browser security updates.

  7. Tue Feb 5 17:15:08 2019
    Chris posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    @LeMayzing ... I'm usually on the calendar most often, I cannot do anything. The window locks up. It does not even give me a message. There is no other doogiePIM window/pop-up open (or if there is, it is invisible!!).

    Try this:

    1. Restart doogiePIM.
    2. Go to the Calendar and double-click on a time slot. This would bring up an Event screen.

    If you don't see the Event screen, then yes, it's probably off-screen. If this is the case, then do this:
    3.a. Press [Alt+Space]. This should bring up a small menu with some options.
    3.b. Choose [Move] from the small menu.
    3.c. Now press the cursor keys and the hidden off-screen window should appear.

    If you do see the Event window and the Calendar is unresponsive, then refer to my previous answer.

    I'm not sure what else to suggest. If you try to click the Calendar and your PC beeps then there is an open window somewhere that is demanding attention.

    You could try right-clicking on the doogiePIM system try icon (next to the system time). If you get that menu then that proves doogiePIM is still running and not locked up.

    I hope these brainstorms help in some way.


  8. Tue Feb 5 09:29:06 2019
    Chris posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    @LeMayzing Please help. My doogiePIM has stopped responding. I open the database and open the calendar. As soon as I double-click on an event (I want to edit the event), the program refuses to respond to anything I try to do..

    You'll be pleased to know, there's nothing wrong with your data or operation. You've experienced what is known as a Modal Window. The Calendar Event window, when opened, waits for you to Save or Cancel your edit before doing anything else on the main window. This is the same as opening the Settings. If you attempt to click elsewhere on doogiePIM other than the Event window, you'll hear a beep. Simply finish the edit on the Event and your Calendar session can resume.

    @scooterg I wanted to add my two cents. I have the same problem occur. I get a pop-up that says Oops something happened. I get a choice to close Doogie or keep using it. This has been happening a lot in Messaging

    When you get this message, something is wrong. You should send me the DevReport that is generated so I can fix that problem. The Dev Report breaks down exactly where the glitch happened. It's the most useful thing for me to quickly identify and fix a bug.

    @scooterg Chris I also wanted to bring your attention that when I tried to export messages I still can't do many. I can only do one at a time. I know you said you fixed it so I am not sure if I am doing something wrong.

    You're not doing anything wrong. It's my fault. I only fixed export using the command [File/Export/Mail Message...] I now realise I need to fix the Import/Export dialog too. I'll get that fixed for today's release.

    @scooterg The other issue with messaging is most of the graphics show up but some still don't. I am not sure if you can do a little more to take care of that. For example, I get periodic emails from Kohls. I know they are very graphical but I can't see anything in the email at all. Other email programs seem to have no problem with the pictures.

    Most other Email clients use a web browser to display email content, which can lead to security problems. doogiePIM uses its own HTML rendering engine so no known problems with security. However, it means some email content won't look exactly the same as when viewed in a web browser. But, the point of email is to read messages not to go surfing, so a small trade off seemed to be acceptable. Images delivered by some emails, especially sent from those who wish you to buy things, tend to use a lot of styling with large images and effects. It's possible the missing images are images other than normal BMP, PNG, JPG or GIF. I would love to see a sample. If you could tell me the source sender URL of the email you are receiving, I can subscribe to them and see for myself the content construction and see if I can improve the rendering.

  9. Tue Feb 5 09:10:57 2019

    Wonderful suggestions and ideas. I can say, Kris, some of your suggestions will be implemented in the latter half of the year. You'll understand why later. ;)

    2019 is going to be quite exciting and a lot of work for me :)

  10. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Feb 2 17:05:32 2019

    Thank you for the suggestion. I'm not familiar with Wikipedia editing but will take a look at it and get doogiePIM listed.

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