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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Sun Aug 1 17:25:15 2021

    Ok, but I would like to always have it in sight on this place:
    An important point: not the entire disk, only the opened folder!
    This is a kind of standard in other programs.


  2. Sun Aug 1 14:42:41 2021
    doogieUser started the conversation Forum logout if page is left open for a long time.

    Forum logout if page is left open for a long time.

  3. Sun Aug 1 12:48:32 2021
    doogieUser started the conversation Directory tree on the left in the main window?.

    Is it possible to conveniently work with files in a directory tree outside the database?

    I found the file explorer, but it goes as a separate window and it seems like it cannot be integrate on the left in the main window.

  4. 2 months ago
    Sat Jul 3 13:50:04 2021
    BiteSpire changed doogieUser's group to Test Pilot.
  5. 5 months ago
    Tue Mar 30 03:22:41 2021

    Be careful, synchronization on app closing (eg. Windows shutdown) can lead to data loss.

  6. Sun Mar 21 21:23:04 2021
    doogieUser started the conversation Add doogiePIM plugins and API support.

    Would like to have a native API (not web) for working with doogiepim, for example, through a plugins.

    This will make doogiePIM a much more powerful tool.

  7. last year
    Fri Mar 27 10:29:58 2020

    As an example, important features that are already available in individual completed products.

  8. Fri Mar 27 10:26:33 2020

    You can try to solve all the desires of the user in one product, but since each direction requires continually developed and it can lose in quality and possibilities.

  9. Fri Mar 27 10:09:05 2020

    but I don't like the idea of having open text, unencrypted files hanging around a disk structure

    If the user needs it, probably he can already solve it himself, for example, with a mounted cryptocontainer (disk), which is compatible with iOS and Android. I do not suggest cutting out database support.

  10. Fri Mar 27 06:29:13 2020

    I admit, studying elisp in order to properly configure emacs is not one of the most pleasant and it becomes a problem in itself... Moreover, the org mode does not imply WYSIWYG editing.

    @BiteSpire Consider ideas from this: zim-desktop-wiki
    They use a simple text format (Markdown) that allows search the contents of any program, even windows + backup is implemented through git (may seem controversial, but it doesn’t bother the user).

    I hope you prefer a simple, open formats for yourself and users.

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