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    Wed Jul 7 10:51:38 2021
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  2. 3 years ago
    Wed Feb 19 07:15:21 2020
    Sergiy posted in Русский язык 2.

    Спасибо за сообщение об опечатке. Исправлено. Актуальный файл перевода с исправлением ещё нескольких мелких недочётов, находится здесь .

    Thanks for reporting the typo. Fixed. The current translation file with the correction of a few more minor bugs is located here .

  3. 4 years ago
    Mon Feb 11 03:49:49 2019

    I just checked these keyboard shortcuts with me. They work.

  4. Sun Feb 10 10:12:10 2019

    Pido disculpas por interferir, amigo mío, pero traduje el programa al ruso, y creo que hay muchas frases en las que solo su imaginación creativa y su experiencia lo ayudarán. Después de todo, solo usted entiende el texto y el significado de lo que traduce. Por lo tanto, no espere respuestas de otras personas, tradúzcalas como ve y entienda. Buena suerte :)

    I apologize for interfering, my friend, but I translated the program into Russian, and I think that there are a lot of phrases in it, where only your creative imagination and experience will help you. After all, only you understand the text and meaning of what you translate. Therefore, do not expect answers from other people, translate as you see and as you understand. Good luck! :)

  5. Sun Feb 10 10:02:28 2019
    Sergiy posted in Русский язык 2.

    Последняя версия файла перевода (для находится здесь .

    The latest version of the translation file (for is here .

    edit 18.02.2020
    Актуальная версия ниже
    Current version below

  6. Sun Feb 10 09:41:29 2019
    Sergiy posted in Русский язык 2.

    One more phrase left untranslated


  7. Mon Feb 4 05:21:25 2019

    @kris 4- The option to visualize in other ways tasks (for example task tree, week planner). Especially the task tree option

    Tasks can be displayed in the calendar.

    @RandallG Kris, Your example seems to lean heavily towards Project Management Software as opposed to PIM (Personal Information Management) software.

    I also think that ToDoList cannot be compared with PIM. It is well suited for project management and is highly developed for these purposes, but there is nothing else there. PIM has a wide range of different areas, and it would be superfluous to focus it on project management. Although, this is just my personal opinion.

  8. Sun Feb 3 06:58:21 2019
    Sergiy posted in Русский язык 2.

    [FIXED in]
    Some small details still need some work :)

  9. Sun Feb 3 06:21:01 2019

    I also saw this problem yesterday when I tried to import bookmarks from Chrome via HTML. Any text in Russian was unreadable.

  10. Sat Jan 26 18:50:12 2019
    Sergiy posted in Русский язык 2.

    @Chris That's fantastic work! I'll upload it to the main server also.

    Yes, this is a good idea, I wanted to offer it, it will be easier to find localization for those who need it.

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