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    Thu Mar 15 20:33:57 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in Reviewing v2.

    On 4 Chris, I'm not sure I'd want to fill my Tasks section with historical items.

    To me, Tasks are things yet to be done.
    The idea of the Communications module is to record a history of interactions with a contact.

    You would add a communication, select your contact, select the communication type from a dropdown (phone call, site visit, letter etc.), select a date and time, then have a large memo field where you would add what was discussed. Sorry but I can't see how Tasks would cut it.


  2. Thu Mar 15 20:21:52 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in Database size.

    Hi Chris, does the above still stand for v2?
    I take it the database has remained unchanged from v1 to v2?


  3. Thu Mar 15 20:18:07 2018

    Thanks Chris. I am familiar with that menu, but I was hoping for specific colour settings on each element so that you can set them up. Colour themes are my gripe at the moment. I am experimenting with different colours and the results look ghastly. I can't get a 'nice' theme which works well on the eye, hence my asking for specifics.

  4. Thu Mar 15 15:11:38 2018

    These all look great!

    How are you guys getting these colours? Are you able to list the spec for the colour settings to achieve these?



  5. Thu Mar 15 15:07:59 2018
    J-Hinckley started the conversation Reviewing v2.

    Hi Chris.
    I spent quite a while reviewing v1 (even buying a licence) but did not implement it as my main PIM as I felt it was still in development (which I guess all current software always is) and decided to stay with my existing PIM, at that time.
    I am now looking at v2 and would like to offer the following feedback.

    1. Can a more colourful theme be added as a standard menu selection? I am aware you can customise each element of the window, but this is time consuming and has mixed results. If a more colourful set of themes were available, it would get out of the standard grey/white theme which is very bland.

    2. Can the tabs bar at the very top of the screen be switched off? I can see how this might help some in that it creates a history of pages you have been to, but I don't like it and would rather remove it.

    3. On the Finance > Add Transaction form, the label for 'Payment Details' is cut off as the height of the label is not enough

    4. Can I suggest a brand new module (big ask I know).
    This module would allow any interactions with a contact to be captured, such as:-
    Appointments (past and no longer on the calendar)
    Site Visits
    Phone Calls and what was discussed
    Documents sent and received (a log of what was posted or received, when a document was signed etc.)
    Conference calls

    No doubt there will be more as I eat into my 30 days of trial.

    Many thanks

  6. 3 years ago
    Fri Mar 17 19:39:27 2017

    Thanks Chris.

    Odd this one. I've got it running on a PC with a single screen and yet it opened completely off the screen as though there was a 2nd monitor in use (which on that PC there never has been more than one).

    By right-clicking and selecting 'Move', and then using the arrow keys to move it from left to right, it appeared.

    Seems to close and re-open again OK now, but worth mentioning in case anyone else gets this.

  7. Fri Mar 17 19:27:48 2017
    J-Hinckley started the conversation v1.1.1 starts minimised and won't maximise.

    Hi All,
    I've applied v1.1.1 (released today) and found it loads minimised and won't launch (not even to a window). It just stays as an icon on the taskbar and I cannot open it.

    Is any one else finding this?

    This is on a Win7 machine


  8. Fri Oct 28 20:34:31 2016
    J-Hinckley started the conversation Home customisations.

    v1.0.4 - Home

    May I suggest some additional options be added for customising the Homepage please?

    I use the Home Page as a wallboard, making this the most important view as it summarises events and tasks on a single page. This is the page always on display to show my upcoming events, and tasks are due.

    I would like to see more of a dashboard style with up to 4 panels in which you customise their content, and be able to move them around to sort them in any order.

    Could there also be an option to include/exclude tasks by Category from the Home page. The reason for this is that I also keep a list of Longterm tasks (in a Category called Longterm), items which may be completed weeks or months away and therefore I would rather exclude them from the Homepage and keep this showing current tasks which need completing this week. Perhaps a pop-up menu with checkboxes to allow you to cherry pick the categories you want to see, then you really can customise which categories are included and excluded from this view. If this is not possible, maybe a checkbox on the task to 'Exclude from Home Page'?

    Many thanks.


  9. Fri Oct 28 20:13:28 2016
    J-Hinckley started the conversation Journal List View.

    v1.0.4 - Journal Module

    Can I suggest a new feature for the Journal module please?

    Add a right-click menu to the work area and allow the view to be switched between thumbnails (how it is now) and a list view.

    Empty white boxes don't help very much and a list might be better.

    Many thanks.


  10. Fri Oct 28 20:08:36 2016
    J-Hinckley started the conversation Cannot multi-select folders in Noteboard [Resolved].

    v1.0.4 - Noteboard Module

    After creating several new folders, its useful to be able to multi-select, choose Properties, and then change the folder icon from the plain grey icon to something more colourful.

    In all the other modules you can multi-select several folders at once, but not in the Noteboard. Actually, I've also noticed you cannot multi-select in the Documents module either.

    Many thanks.


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