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  1. 5 years ago
    Wed Oct 4 17:57:23 2017

    Looking forward to checking out the new version!

  2. Tue Sep 5 11:20:10 2017

    Funny, because I was thinking the same without having read this thread!
    But flagging an event is a little cumbersome... particularly when you have a calendar full of events. I wish I could simply point at an event in the calendar en press a key (or a combination or keys) and then the event gets whichever flag I've pre-selected. (or it gets greyed out, or text is crossed out or whatever).
    I think this would be a pretty useful improvement for a lot of people.

  3. Mon May 8 18:48:05 2017

    No, not in the bubble popup (which is indeed an interesting idea). Actually, I meant this:


    Like I can understand that the program would preserve the font size, but not the other formatting.

  4. Mon May 8 06:57:08 2017
    J Javier started the conversation Calendar notes do not respect formatting.

    Hi there.
    I'm pretty happy with doogiePIM so far. :)

    Now, regarding the calendar, there's one thing that I find a little annoying:

    Sometimes I use the calendar to post a note with quick tasks list that I've gotta do that day (I find it a lot quicker than using the task manager for this purpose). The thing is, if I post the tasks in this format:

    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3 (...)

    The calendar note doesn't respect the format and shows this instead:

    *Item 1 *Item 2 *Item 3

    It doesn't respect new lines.

    Also, if I cross out an item like this the note still displays it as normal text without the strike out effect.
    In fact, it doesn't respect any formatting whatsoever: Bold, colours, etc.
    So that would be my request: add a tick box saying: Respect formatting in note (if clicked).

  5. 6 years ago
    Wed Feb 1 02:06:37 2017

    Thanks Crhis, seems to be working just fine!

  6. Sun Jan 29 10:57:16 2017


    That's all right, thanks for the fast reply.
    Something else I noticed is that when you have an icon for a calendar event, sometimes the title text appears in front of the icon. In fact, in my image in the first post you can see that something is happening already, as there's no space between the icon and the text in 1.07, but there was a space in 1.05.
    In the picture above, you can see a more dramatic example for a recurring event. That R letter is doing something.
    My vote would be for different font setting for each section, yes.

  7. Sat Jan 28 09:26:04 2017
    J Javier started the conversation Calendar: Event border is gone in 1.07 [Resolved].


    I've noticed that calendar events have now "lost" their border (and the shadow thing on the left).
    I don´t like this. Was it done on purpose or is it a bug?

    Non 1.07 related:

    1. Also, is there a way to change the font for calendar events. It's rather tiny.
    2. I never use alarms for my calendar events. Is there a way to make the new default event not include an alarm? I have to click it off for every single one of them!
  8. Sat Dec 31 07:25:22 2016
    J Javier posted in Calendar features request.

    Wow! didn't know some of those features were already available!
    And thanks a lot for 1,2 and 5!

    Happy new year!

  9. Sun Dec 18 19:18:53 2016
    J Javier started the conversation Calendar features request.

    Here my calendar feature requests:

    1 Add ability to delete calendar events by date range (for example, delete all calendar events from date xx to date xx).
    2 Add ability to export calendar events as text/excel file. (This would be very useful if feature 1 is implemented. Why? mainly because I can delete whole months from my calendar withou fear of losing information and thus have a clean pim database not polluted by useless info)
    3 Add ability to change calendar background easily and without having to change the whole program's theme.
    4 Add ability to change bg colour of individual calendar cells (this would be very useful and can provide extra information for events).
    5 At present, I cant select multiple events from the weekly calendar and copy / paste / delete them. I can only do one at a time, which can be painful...
    6 Add tags feature to events (dinner / holiday / trip / leisure/ etc) and then we can choose a tag and see a monthly / yearly view. This would be incredibly useful!

  10. Tue Dec 13 11:03:24 2016
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