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  2. Sun Mar 18 11:33:27 2018

    I like that idea Randall. That would be useful to me too, Chris.

  3. Sun Mar 18 11:26:36 2018
    S Sarah posted in Tasks with recurrence.

    My calendar does sometimes get quite cluttered with tasks so that I have to turn them off to see the events clearly. Good point Metta.

  4. Sat Mar 17 15:11:33 2018
    S Sarah posted in Let's promote DoogiePim!.

    I have been using Doogie since 2011. I use it every day and the following are some of the things I use it for:

    • Garden journal - I try and record the weather and what's growing in the journal section as regularly as possible.
    • Orchard planning and other projects (I use the financial, documents & planner sections for this to record planting information, spreadsheets cost & plan out the work)
    • Writer's jottings - I jot down things I think of, save images & sayings I like, mostly in the documents section. I also keep a journal (separate from the gardening one). I also use the noteboard to make storyboards. I like that I can just write anything down in any old order and link things together at a later date.
    • Emails - keeps them all in one place that I can download onto a stick and take wherever I go rather than having to hump a computer around.
    • Favourite Browser - (though I do used Chrome as well.) Doogie is good for new sites I haven't used before & places where good browser security is useful like Facebook. It also allows me to bookmark sites and add notes in the bookmark. These can then be linked to a document or a spreadsheet so I know where information came from. (This is great for looking up citations or knowing where to place an order at a later date.)
    • Financial Section: I use it to make the annual budget and then have monthly sections to balance the books against statements & receipts. I also use it for special projects (see Orchard planning).
    • Vault (This is a wonder.) I can keep all my stuff I need to remember in one place. Not only passwords etc. but also when I bought the lawnmower, when it was serviced. Its make and model references etc. All the stuff that floats straight out of my head the day after I have bought something. And it is all password protected and encrypted and not in the cloud.

    The beauty is that it keeps all your thoughts and daily admin. all in one place. The linking means you don't have to have an organised mind till you are ready. The collection is password protected, encrypted & transportable on a memory stick. This means your intellectual property is not on a strange server in the cloud where you have no control over it.

  5. Sat Mar 17 12:38:00 2018
    S Sarah posted in Tasks with recurrence.

    Debate is a good thing. Out of healthy debate good things come. I like that Doogie is not like other PIMs so I decide what a task and an event is and how they are used in my personal and business life.

    You didn't say why you find this difficult, other than you like the names to be as you have seen in other PIMs. Let us know and maybe the Community can come up with a way to sort things for you, before we ask Chris to flex his coding muscles.

    Best wishes

  6. Sat Mar 17 12:24:18 2018
    S Sarah posted in [v3] Killer Features.

    My reason for posting was to show how you might use what is already there to suit your needs not to stop you from offering suggestions. I'm just a user myself and wanted to be helpful.

  7. Sat Mar 17 11:57:45 2018
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  8. Sat Mar 17 11:40:32 2018
    S Sarah posted in Tasks with recurrence.

    Oh John I have to disagree about events and tasks. I think you are getting too fixed on the names. You want to test your smoke detectors the first Saturday of each month. You can set a calendar 'event' to do that. What does it matter if it is called an 'event' or a 'task' as long as it does what you want it to do?

    Is there another reason this is an issue? Do you need to do some other 'tasky' thing as well as being reminded to do this?


  9. Sat Mar 17 11:28:34 2018
    S Sarah posted in [v3] Killer Features.

    Dear John,

    I just noticed this post and I thought I would let you know that some of these things already exist.

    History & Communications
    Visit: I make a visit task before I go & record the agenda first then the minutes in that task and then link it to the related Contact record.
    Appointment: Do same as visit. Its great because you can add an alarm and show it in the calendar.
    Letter. I type it in the documents and link it to the Contact record
    Email: if the email address is in the Contact record, Doogie records them there automatically
    Conference call: I don't really do these but if I make a business phone call, I write down the important points either straight into the Contact record or I prefer to make a task and link it to Contact so that I have the date & time associated.

    You can also set up a standard report so you can print out a Contact and all the related records for a given period. I have not done this for a Contact but I have done a basic financial report on same lines.

    Recurring Tasks
    I just right click and copy a task if it happens more than once in a year. Generally I use the calendar for recurring events though. You can set it to every day, month or year and add an alarm if you want to. There is a space to write down what the task is for each event and you can link it to a Contact or Resource.

    Resources are good if the central idea is not a person. For a example I have a resource called 'apples'. I am planting an orchard. This allows me to link the cost of apples in the supermarket with choices of apple tree & their costs and eventually amount of apples off each tree each year so that we will eventually know if the trees were worth growing.

    Email alerts
    Will leave someone else to answer that one. I just use the alerts options in settings & preferences as I have enough emails.

    The colour wheel gives you about 16 million options - not sure there are more colours to get! I had to play about a bit to get the colours I liked and were easy on the eye.

    Home page configuration & Medicals
    Can't really talk about home page configuration. I just have all my latest emails, financials & tasks on it and thats fine for me. The medical information sounds very specific. I am not the healthiest person and I can tell you what I do. I put blood pressure readings in a spreadsheet which you can find the financial section. I put a vaccination record or doctor's visit in a calendar event and link it to the doctor contact but could have made a resource called vaccinations and linked to that if I had thought of it. I do have a health folder in tasks which has the task to get my eyes tested in it. So everything could have gone in there too. Depends what you find easiest. I do find you need to set up how you are going to use things and stick to it or it gets confusing but that is the same with any filing system.

    As I see it, Doogie is for everyone to use how they want in infinite different ways. It would be a pity to make it more specific so it only suits a few.

    This is just what I do and my opinion - hope it helps.


  10. Sat Feb 17 17:32:56 2018

    This is mine in month mode:


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