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    Thu Mar 29 16:07:35 2018
    V Vmgail posted in Searching Help.

    Thank you, Chris - I did need to do the initial indexing.

  2. Thu Mar 29 15:10:17 2018
    V Vmgail posted in Searching Help.

    Shutterfly is not working to embed the snapshot - here's what I did step by step

    • Create a few notes named "Note 1", "Note 2", "Note 3"
    • Create a folder named "Meeting Notes"
    • Use F9 to launch the search box
    • Make sure I'm using the "Full Search" tab
    • Type "note" in the search text box
    • Hit 'Enter'
    • "Note 2", "Note 3", and the folder "Meeting Notes" do not show up in the results.
  3. Tue Mar 27 19:23:51 2018
    V Vmgail started the conversation Searching Help.

    I might be doing it wrong, but I'm having trouble finding some things using search:

    (1) Search doesn't appear to search through folder names
    (2) I have a couple of documents (not folders) in a document tree. The titles are "notes 1" and "notes 2". If I search for notes, then the only thing that shows up is "notes 1".
    (3) If I try to search "not", then neither the "notes 1" or "notes 2" shows up.

    Thanks for the help!

  4. Sun Mar 25 13:45:06 2018

    Hi Chris - quick update: I received a Windows update and now I don't see the display issues. I'm working at 125% and 150% this morning with no issues. Thank you for your quick response!

  5. Sun Mar 25 13:25:53 2018

    I am using a 14" screen (laptop) with 1920x1080 resolution.


  6. Sat Mar 24 21:36:04 2018

    My display is normally set to 125 or 150%, but the icons and text appear a bit blurry at that setting. At 100% it's perfectly clear. Any ideas as to whether there are other app settings I can change to get it clear at higher scaling levels?

    Thank you!

  7. Sat Mar 24 21:29:15 2018
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