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    Tue Apr 17 23:54:32 2018

    Like MJK, I've also been extremely lucky, and won a licence in the DonationCoder competition. And, also like MJK, I'm beginning to understand just how fortunate I have been! I've tinkered with various PIMs over the years - I'm even old enough to recall Lotus Agenda! - and I must say that on the face of it, doogiePIM looks to be an excellent and well thought out application. I haven't had the time to discover all of its advantages yet, but am certainly looking forward to using it more comprehensively - and also spreading the word among friends and colleagues. I hope it becomes one of those 'must have' applications, rather like the original 'Screenshot Captor' from DC (still the best in class in my opinion) that started my association with the site.

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