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    Wed Jul 11 21:03:56 2018
    D Dormouse posted in In Interest of Privacy and Freedom.

    Mostly I don't use Linux at all.
    There have been times in the past when I used it more, occasionally more than Windows. And I prefer cross-platform apps because I can switch if I want to. But Windows has a greater range of utility and efficiency for me and works well enough for now. If my needs reduce, then Linux will be a contender. But might consider the Chromebook route then.
    I'm agnostic about distro. Not even sure which ones I have installed, though none are up-to-date. I go with what seems best at the time.

  2. Wed Jun 27 22:37:09 2018
    D Dormouse posted in Localisation.

    That's fine. It means that repurposing will be entirely feasible.

    For instance, not that I'd thought of doing it, it would be possible for someone playing a RPG (or running a game) to redo the Contacts to contain characters, possessions etc. Or details of the animals if they are running an animal sanctuary. I doubt if many people will be doing a query on an exported database, but they might be motivated to adapt a module if they have a particular need and have no use for the module's original purpose.

  3. Wed Jun 27 17:52:41 2018
    D Dormouse posted in Localisation.

    If it is true localisation, I would expect all visible labels to be changeable to the new language - eg in Resources, Product, Short desc, Contact name etc, should be changeable to words that are similarly meaningful in the new language.
    Is this not what you intend?

  4. Mon Jun 25 18:06:41 2018
    D Dormouse posted in Localisation.

    I agree that I see no problem with unused Contacts or any other component.

    What I do see is an opportunity to use Resources (or indeed Contacts) in a different way by having the ability to change the labels.

  5. Sun Jun 24 10:26:14 2018
    D Dormouse started the conversation Localisation.

    I've had a look at the comments on BdJ.

    I particularly noticed the one about hiding business info.
    I don't know if there might be some value in hiding components on the program - I very much doubt there being many users who use them all but the business side (contacts/resources & etc) does speak to a particular design philosophy and purpose which was a big thing when Do-Org started. But times have moved on and most of this use has now moved online - into the cloud or corporate servers - even for SMEs.
    Personally I see little need for hiding. An unused component doesn't really get in the way.
    But I do see a lot of potentially usable functionality that I don't use because the database items are hard-coded. This is the sort of thing I was talking about when I was looking at the possibility of repurposing with the language options when they come.

  6. Thu May 24 20:36:05 2018
    D Dormouse posted in Text folding.

    I think it is exactly the same as code folding, except in a text document rather than code in a text editor.

    Allows working in sections in a single large document which can be much easier than working through lots of sub documents. If necessary, we could add a note in a text box to indicate exactly what had been folded away.

  7. Thu May 24 16:23:57 2018
    D Dormouse started the conversation Text folding.

    Just to say I would really like this as a feature. It's not found in most document or writing programs (with the exception of Writemonkey) but is quite common in text editors.

  8. Thu May 24 14:23:22 2018
    D Dormouse started the conversation Database Editor.

    @Chris Yes, more tools will be made available, such as a raw database editor to get into the finer details of the SQL data within your database. ;)

    I do like the idea of a database editor. Partly because it allows an alternative way of accessing the data.

    But also because it might offer the potential to edit labels etc. I'd use it a lot in the resources and contacts sections which have limited utility for me as is. I'd happily pay extra (up to a point!) for this functionality. I suspect it would be a function that some people would use a lot and most others not at all.

  9. Thu May 24 10:01:02 2018
    D Dormouse posted in WineHQ preset & Android client.

    Very interested in Android client. Too support the use of the desktop client rather than as a standalone.

    I would expect a limited set of features; just enough to keep me working when out and about. I would be most interested in working on Journal & Documents. I suppose Email, Calendar & Tasks will also be needed. I would be concerned that it did not become too big or complex because mobile screens are smaller (ie too complex is hard to work with) and because it could potentially overload your development time.

    Location of the shared database would also be an issue. Options appear to be Dropbox, Google Drive etc or your own cloud (requiring a subscription).

  10. Tue May 22 02:30:27 2018

    I assume that this will also permit repurposing eg of the Resources files. If you don't need a product you could rename the categories to make them something else?

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