Event Files List

The Files List is called from the details of an event's or task's window. This is in the form of a tab button marked "Files". Clicking on this tab button brings up the list.

The files that are in the attachments list are only links to the files. The list doesn't contain the actual file data. Therefore, if you move the original file from its location on your hard disk to somewhere else, then the entry in the files list is invalid and won't be able to find the file if you try to Open it from the list.

The fields and buttons of the list are as follows:



Click to add a file to the list. Use the standard Windows file dialog to navigate to the file you want to include, then click on Open to include the selected file.


Click to remove the selected file from the list.

NOTE: This doesn't delete the original file. It only removes the entry from the list.


Click to launch the file using the file's associated application. eg: You may select a DOC file and launch it with Microsoft Word.

List Columns


Shows a descriptive icon for the file.


The filename of the attachment without the folder path.


Where the file is stored on your hard. ie: The full path name.

When you are satisfied with the details you have entered, click on OK to save the details or click on Cancel to cancel any changes made.

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