Block Properties

The properties of a Note Block can be seen using the property panels located on the right hand side of the Noteboard Editor.

When editing Blocks, you must first select the Block you want to change. Some editing operations can only be done on the current Block.

smallheart See Managing Block Selection for further information.

An Overview Of A Note Block


Each visual property of the block can be edited as needed. You can change the background colour, icon or you can hide certain parts of a Block, eg title or icon.

Tip: Shadows under Blocks requires heavy processing and could slow down the display of the Noteboard document.
It is recommended to only use shadows if you have a fast processor (2GHz or greater).

Here are some various examples of Blocks

Title and description shown, but the title has been coloured the same background colour as the description. Shadow was switched off.

Title hidden with a different border colour. Shadow was switched off.

A block with an image. This was made by inserting a 2 column 1 row table inside the note block. The image was inserted in the first table cell, the text in the second.

A Block with the description hidden. Shadow was switched off.

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