Calendar Navigator

The monthly calendar, on the left side above the journals list, used to navigate for locating journal entries. To change the months, click on the arrow button located on the top of the calendar, left or right of the months name, to increase or decrease the month. To select a day, just click on the date number in the month.

You can select more than one day by left clicking and dragging the mouse to the second day. The selected days are then highlighted. You can only select consecutive days, eg: 10,11,12,13,14 and not 10,12,18 etc.

When a date is selected, the journals list shows the entries contained in the selected dates. You may then select, edit or create new journal entries accordingly.


The calendar with multiple dates can be selected by left clicking and dragging the mouse over the days. To select a whole week, left click on one the week numbers on the left hand side of the month calendar.

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