Calendar Views

The various calendar view definitions refer to the menu bar below:

1 Day - Shows a single day but lists a time bar from the start of the day to the end.

Work Week - Like a day view but shows the Working Week (typically Monday to Friday).

Week - Shows large cells of a week without the time bar.

Month - Shows large cells of a month without the time bar.

Year - Shows a large year overview, similar to the planner section.

Time Grid - Shows a horizontal timeline with Resources as a vertical list on the left. Useful for when you have several Resources.

Custom - Like day view but you can define the date from the launched dialog.

To change the view, click on the corresponding icon on the calendar toolbar accordingly.

Navigating and managing events in the different calendars are all the same. You can create, edit and move events around using your mouse.

heart See Moving Events for more information.

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