Changing a folder's font style, size and colour

You may wish to highlight a folder's importance or purpose by changing the colour or the font style and size of the folder's name, for example: bold red, to indicate it's an important folder.

If a folder is selected, ie: it is the current folder, then doogiePIM uses the default Windows system highlight and font colour (in this state you would not be able to see your folder's custom font colour, however, the style and size is unaffected.)

helper To change a folder's font name, style and colour
First select the folder you wish to change, then:
arrowrightLeft Click on the Navigator Toolbar icon, "Properties", or,
arrowrightRight Click on a Folder's name and choose from the popup menu, "Properties". Then choose the "Display" tab.
arrowrightYou could also press the keyboard shortcut equivalents:
Ctrl+R to launch the "Properties" window.

With the Folder Item Properties window open.

Tick the checkbox "Use customized font style and colour"
(If this is unchecked, then the folder will use the Windows standard font style)

Change the properties; Font Face, Size, Colour and Style accordingly to your preference. The large rectangle under the properties gives a visual indicator of what the folder text will look like.

When you are satisfied with the display style you want, Click on Save to accept the formatting, or click on Cancel to cancel the formatting.

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