Context Menus

Context Menus, "Shortcut Menus" or "Right Click Menus" as sometimes they are called, are small pop-up menus that appear when you right click on a control, like an edit box or a tree view.

These menus give access to valuable commands to manipulate the data quickly. When a Context Menu pops-up it will list the available commands in a similar fashion to the main menu.

For example:
If you wish to add a new contact, you could activate the context menu on the Contacts List and choose "Add a New Contact" from the menu.

helper To Activate A Context Menu

rightarrowRight click with your mouse over a control, eg: a tree view, or
rightarrowYou could press the keyboard shortcut equivalents:
Shift+F10 to activate the pop-up menu.

When using the keyboard, always make sure the control is "focused", ie: will accept keyboard commands. Most controls indicate if they are focused or not by the highlight colour of the text.

The context menus in doogiePIM have an extra command "Cancel". This simply de-activates the menu without issuing any commands.

helper To De-activate A Context Menu

rightarrowChoose "Cancel" from the context menu, or
rightarrowYou could press the keyboard shortcut equivalent:
Escape to deactivate the pop-up menu.

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