You can distribute only the trial version of doogiePIM freely to your friends, clients, or anyone who you think might be interested.

Free distribution of the doogiePIM trial version is subject to the following limitations:

1) You may not charge a fee.

2) You may not include doogiePIM as part of a product for which a fee is charged without the express permission of BiteSpire.

3) You may not alter any part of doogiePIM without the express permission of BiteSpire. You may, however, compress doogiePIM for means of distribution.

4) You may not include or distribute any key file or licence key details.

Please inform us if you want to distribute any of our software on a CD, DVD or other media, just to make sure you are using the latest version. Please keep the archive unaltered and in its original state. If you want to distribute it in a different archive format, such as ARJ, LHA, RAR, or any other compression format, please contact us first for confirmation and support.

Please see the Licence agreement for the full details of doogiePIM's terms of usage.

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