Introduction to Calendar Resources

Resources, in doogiePIM, can be people, cars, meetings rooms. You use the Resources section to manage and organize them.

heart See Managing Resources for more information

Some Resources can be assigned a Calendar. There is a special block in the Calendar section enabling you to add events and tasks for that specific Resource. For example: You may have a Car Hire firm and wish to hire out a car. You could add the Car details in the Resources and enable it in the Calendar. Now you can appoint and schedule the times when that car is hired.

Resources don't have to be items, they can be people, such as staff in an office or members of a family.

For example: You could add two resources, named "Manager" and "Salesman".

Then, in the Calendar, you could add individual events for either the "Manager" or "Salesman".

heart See Resources section for more information.

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