Introduction to Calendar

The Calendar section is the heart of your events management. This section hosts all your data that is related to time and date specific events, such as a dentist event or a meeting with the Chairman.

The Calendar is organized in a familiar view. On the left side there is a small monthly calendar. Under this is the event's information area and on the right is a more detailed overview of the current day, week or month. You can change the overview easily within the section so you can see the current day with a breakdown of the times of the day in a vertical fashion, or you may even so a complete overview of the month in a large calendar.

The day view calendar is organized into smaller cells which represent either a time slot or a day depending on which view you have chosen. Inside these cells list events that can be selected and moved around the grid.

The smaller month calendar on the left side shows a simple overview. The days are in bold when there is an event on that day.

heart See Calendar Views for more information about different calendar view modes.

heart See Managing Events for more information about how to add, edit and delete events.

heart See Resources for more information about managing Calendar Resources.

heart See Recurring Events for more information about recurring events.

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