Introduction to Messages

Within doogiePIM is a complete e-mail client. This facility doesn't require any other third party e-mail system on your computer. Once you setup the E-mail accounts with your ISP host information, you can send and receive email messages. The Messages section can also read RSS streams commonly found on news web sites.

The doogiePIM e-mail client can handle IMAP4, POP3 and SMTP protocols, and is able to display HTML formatted messages without any problems of Javascript, VBScript or any other scripting email viruses. That's because doogiePIM doesn't run any scripts from the email message. Instead, the message is previewed and only the valid text and images that can be formatted and displayed is shown in the preview window.

The doogiePIM Messages can list file attachments and is able to let you preview images and save them. However, it is always a good idea to have a virus checker so when you save a file attachment you can check the file to see if it's okay.

Unsolicited messages, commonly known as "Spam" or "Junk", is always a problem when it comes to email and we are looking at more ways to try and identify junk messages. This is very difficult to do automatically, so doogiePIM doesn't try to automatically identify them. You are able to check messages against DNSBL servers (Blacklists of known domains that send spam), but you can create your own rules and filters to automatically move messages to different folders based on content that is found in the email message.

heart See Managing E-mail Accounts for setting up new accounts and managing existing ones.

heart See Managing E-mail messages for information about move, deleting and organizing messages.

heart See Composing and Replying to E-mail for more information about writing E-mail messages.

helper To Go To The Messages Section

rightarrowClick on the Main Section Toolbar icon: Messages, or
rightarrowChoose from the Main Menu "File/Go to Section/Messages", or
rightarrowClick on the MiniBar button "Messages", or
rightarrowRight Click on the doogiePIM system tray icon:
and choose "Go To Section/Messages".


In many of the Messages examples given, they will require that the toolbars are enabled.

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