Introduction to Noteboard

Noteboard is a diagramming and note block tool used to outline ideas and structures. You can use Noteboard to outline a family tree or an organizational structure. You may even use Noteboard to make simple diagrams to outline a web site. The little blocks can contain rich formatted text or images. Think of them like little notes that you can move around and resize on your desktop.

Why Use A Noteboard?

A visual diagram is much easier to understand than a list of text. That is why software uses icons. It is quicker to commit the image of a command than to parse and understand text. Our brains work faster when confronted with an image.

In a simple example, read the following text:

"Michael Jones is married to Amy. They had a son called Ted who married Linda. Ted and Linda gave birth to Harry. Harry is now a proud father of Tim."

Now you've read it, answer the following question...

Who is the mother of Harry Jones?

You couldn't answer this question unless you could visualize the family tree in your mind or write it down. Typically you would probably create mental memory cells to store each part of the question and it's associated properties. Then you would visualize which cell links to another. You could easily visualize that Michael Jones is the father of Ted, but it is much more difficult to visualize who is the mother of Harry.

However, if we use Noteboard to make a diagram, it is very clear to see the answer to the question.

We can clearly see, in the following Noteboard example, the Harry Jones Block and above it are connector lines that link Ted Jones and Linda Smith. So we know that Linda is the mother.


Obviously this is a very simple example. You could use a Noteboard to visualize all sorts of structures. The Blocks in a diagram can be linked to multiple Blocks giving a better overview of an idea.

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