Introduction to Tasks

Tasks are defined as events that do not necessarily have a date and time, unlike an event.

Tasks, in doogiePIM, can be added, edited and deleted. Each operation can be done when in the Calendar section or in the Tasks section.

Some examples of a task could be:
1. Backup database files.
2. Take dog for a walk.
3. Write a best seller

Some tasks could be assigned a start date and an estimated finish date (due date). You can track the status of a task by assigning the progress.

For example:
Consider the task "Create Church Newsletter"
You could set the due date in the future to indicate when it is due by.
The progress could be set to 25% to indicate that it is in progress.

Tasks can also be assigned to a Resource, see Resources for more information. This way, you can quickly see which tasks are due for a Resource by looking at the tasks list in the Calendar section.

Tasks may also be organized into folders for better navigation. You can have as many tasks in each folder as you wish and you can add as many folders as you need.

helper To Go To The Tasks Section

rightarrowChoose from the Main Menu "File/Go To Section/Tasks", or
rightarrowClick on the Main Section Toolbar icon: Tasks, or
rightarrowPress the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+4

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