Introduction to doNotes

doNotes are standalone rich text documents that are not saved as part of any database record, but are as actual files on your local storage. This means no matter which database you have open, the same doNotes are always available. This also means that any information inside a doNotes isn't password protected or encrypted, so be careful on what you include in the text.

Think of doNotes as word processing files.

You can completely format notes just like a full word processor with images, tabs, bold, italic and colours. You can even create tables. Any doNotes that are open when you exit doogiePIM will automatically reopen the next time you start doogiePIM, so these notes are invaluable for added reminders for yourself. doNotes can open special files with file extension of "don" (doogiePIM Document File), and you could import compatible files such as plain text or RTF.

heart For more information of formatting and editing of Notes, see Notes Editor.

Think of doNotes as sticky notes.

You can send a note over Local Area Network (LAN with TCP/IP) to a recipient who is also running doogiePIM. The note you send is fully formatted. You can control if you want to receive doNotes or not with the icon on the main toolbar.

heart See Sending Notes over a Network for more information.

The window of doNotes is deliberately left uncluttered with minimal toolbars, but you can switch on the visibility of toolbars for easier access to the commands. Use the right+click content menu for access to the View menu as well as the other commands.


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