Linking Events

Events can be linked to other database records, within doogiePIM, such as Notes or Contacts. This enables you to expand the scope of the data by adding an extra dimension to enable a much more wider understanding.

Events can be linked to other Events, Planner Events, Journals, Tasks, Documents, Contacts and Noteboard blocks.

In the Item's Information area, there is a secondary tab called "Related Links". Selecting this tab shows a list view of the links that are directly related to the currently selected Event. Some of the links are from other database items and some may be direct connections to an item. The links are grouped as per which section/item the linking belongs to.

heart See Related Links List for more information

helper To Link An Event To A Database Item

First select an Event from the Calendar view by left clicking on it, so it is highlighted, then;

rightarrowChoose from the Main Menu "Calendar/Link Event to a Database Item", or
rightarrowClick on the Calendar Toolbar icon: or
rightarrowRight Click on the event in the calendar view and choose "Link Event to a Database Item" from the context menu.

heart See Linking Items Selector for more information

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