Linking Items Selector

The Linking Items Selector is called from the relevant section. eg: in the notes section there is an command "Link this note to a database item". In other sections there are similar commands.

See the relevant section details for more information.

When the command to link an item is issued, a Selector window is presented in order for you to choose which item to link to.

helper To Link An Item To Another Database Item

First select a section from the Link Sections in the Link Selector window, then, select an item from the presented tree view. You may have to open the tree view folders to locate the item you want.

When the desired item is selected, Click on OK to accept the choice or click on Cancel to cancel the linking process.

After clicking OK, you should see the new link in the Related Links in the Item's Information area of the relevant section.

heart See Related Links List for more information

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