Managing Purchase Transaction Records

Purchase transaction records or items, in doogiePIM, can be added, edited and deleted. Each operation can be done only when you are in the Finance section.

helper To Go To The Finance Section

rightarrowChoose from the Main Menu "File/Go To Section/Finance", or
rightarrowClick on the Main Section Toolbar icon: Finance

helper To Add A New Purchase Transaction

First ensure you have selected a "Purchases" folder from the Navigator.

By default, these folders are the orange folders, but may be customized in colour and text format, then either;

rightarrowChoose from the Main Menu "Transactions/Add a New Purchase Transaction", or
rightarrowRight Click on the Transactions List and choose "Add a new Purchase Transaction", or
rightarrowClick on the Transaction items toolbar icon: "Add a New Purchase Transaction"

With the record's details window is open, fill in the input boxes and edit the details as needed:

When you are satisfied with the details you have entered, click on Save to save the details or click on Cancel to cancel any changes made.

helper To Select A Purchase Transaction

rightarrowLeft click on the Transactions List where the Transaction Record is displayed. The record is selected when it's highlight colour is shown.
Only the main transaction is displayed in the list grid. In order to see the details lines of the Sale, look at the lower part of the display where the
details tabs are located and click on the "Transactions" tab. This lower grid will then display the product transaction lines inside that Purchase.

helper To Edit An Existing Purchase Transaction's Details

rightarrowChoose from the Main Menu "Transaction/Edit Selected Transaction", or
rightarrowClick on the Records Toolbar icon: Edit Selected Transaction (located above the Transactions List), or
rightarrowDouble Click on the Transaction in list view.

The operation of editing is the same as adding. See the details above for more information.

helper To Delete An Existing Purchase Transaction

rightarrowChoose from the Main Menu "Transaction/Delete Selected Transactions", or
rightarrowClick on the Records Toolbar icon: Delete Selected Transactions (located above the Transactions List)

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