Managing doNote Documents

doNotes are saved to your local hard disk, so you can manage your individual notes and documents like a normal file.
It is recommended to use the BiteSpire Files Explorer because you get the added advantage of seeing the contents of the document. This will allow you to manage the documents better.

heart See BiteSpire Files Explorer for more information.

When doogiePIM is first installed, it sets up a default folder in the installation. This documents folder is:

C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\doNotes

However, you don't have to use this folder. When you are requested to save a doNote, you are given the opportunity to save the document to a different folder.

Any doNotes received over the Network (LAN) is stored in:

C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\doNotes\Received Notes

heart See Sending Notes over a Network for more information

Editing and creating notes can be done with the commands in the MiniBar, main toolbar and the main menu.

helper For editing the contents of a note,
heart See Notes Editor for more information.

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