Multidimensional Linking

What makes doogiePIM different to other organizers is the multidimensional approach to the data.

Most other software has only a single dimension. ie: You can store your contact's name, address and e-mail details and you can add notes and events. But you can't see which note refers to which contact.

Single Dimension (other organizer software)

Some other software has two dimensions. ie: You can store your contact's name then add a note for the contact. The contact is linked to the note in just one way. You can't select only the note and see the contact.

Two Dimensions (some other organizer software)
Contact Note
Event Note

doogiePIM has added dimensions

You can add a contact, then add a note to the contact. Then you can add an event to the contact. However, you can select and view all your notes and see which contact or which event the note is related to.

Multidimensional doogiePIM


The linking is done both ways.
If you view the contact, you see the related documents.
If you view the email messages, you see the related contacts.

The linking is not limited to contacts and documents, you can relate other items in the database, such as a Planner Event or a Noteboard or even a Task. You can even link items in the same data sections such as linking a Contact to another Contact. eg: Salespersons inside one company.

This adds an extra dimension giving you a better understanding of your data, enabling you to correctly organize your valuable time.

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