Recurrence Editor

The recurrence editor is called from the details of an event's details window. This is in the form of a button marked "Recurrence". Clicking on this button brings up the recurrence editor.

The detail fields of the editor are as follows:

Event time (For calendar events only)

Start Time

Enter the start time of the event.

End Time

Enter the end time of the event. This will affect the duration.


Enter or choose the duration of the event. This will affect the end time.

Recurrence Pattern


Daily - this event happens on a daily basis.

Weekly - this is a weekly event.

Monthly - this event happens on a monthly basis.

Yearly - this is an annual event.

Custom - you can define on which dates the events occur.

Depending on which pattern you have chosen denotes the display of the edit fields.

Range of recurrence


Enter the date when the first event happens.

End by

Enter the date when the last event happens, or

End after

How many events, eg: 25 mortgage instalments.

When you are satisfied with the details you have entered, click on OK to save the details or click on Cancel to cancel any changes made.

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