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We're nearly there! Just a couple of days, or so, for a trial and full version 4 to be available.

All your kind words are truly appreciated and I can't thank you all enough for your patience.

Don't forget to secure your order now before version 4 goes back to full price.

- Chris


Current Latest Version

doogie®PIM version 3 build 382
Windows 7™, Windows 8™, Windows 8.1™, Windows 10™, Windows 11™
Minimum Requirements: 1000 x 600 screen size, 1GB RAM, 285 MB Disk space

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Any purchase of doogie®PIM 3 after 4th July 2023,
will include doogie®PIM version 4 when v4 is released.

What's changed in version 4?

Here's a small summary of what's changed and what's new in the coming releases of version 4.

  • A huge number of bug fixes from version 3 and big improvements to the user interface.

  • Better local encryption for the database, user preferences now go with your database. This improves privacy.

  • Version 4 has a completely new application layout making it easier to identify what to backup.

  • Introduces new editions: See below in "Software In Development"

  • A better side panel with a Date Navigator, Related Links, Tabs, History, Downloads, and ... Side Tasks, and Side Notes!

  • Documents: Added ability to import PDF, DocX, Images, and other external files and made part of the document tree. Either by having documents as external files within your Data Files system or embedded into the database.

  • Related Links: Smart Linking will now gather and show links automatically without the need for manual links.

  • Search: A big improvement to the global indexed search by using the URL bar or a dedicated page tab. Indexing has improved making it quicker and easier to find records.

  • Gone are the "Details, Comments and Links" tabs. Now you have a way to show Related Links and keep your Comments editor on screen at the same time.

  • Card View has a huge update with the ability to show which fields you want, thumbnails and Comments directly on the Card.

  • Messages: Card View allows you to read almost the whole message of several emails in one go without having to pull up the whole message preview. This make reading emails far quicker and easier to manage.

  • Noteboard: Did someone say "I want zoom ability". There's a complete interface overhaul in version 4 releases, making it easier to change Block and Connection Line parameters.

  • Tasks: Repeating Tasks with a twist. Tasks that belong within a Task hierachy will update its parent details, such as progress, dates, and status automagically.

  • 2024 will be very exciting with the introduction of a PRO version and a SERVER version. This will allow you to have a database on your LAN (Local Access Network). If you're network savvy, you could add it to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The server component of doogie® is a true Client/Server with record locking and user management.

  • These are only a few of the features coming in version 4 and subsequent releases.

  • Please excuse the mess on the website whilst the new Community Forum and Blog is being constructed. ;)


Software In Development And Forthcoming Releases

Take a look below and you'll notice there's some extra products added to the doogie® range. doogie®PIM is still available but has been split into several sections. This means you can get the type of doogie® you need.

doogie®PIM    v4 build 399 Coming December 2023
An all in one solution. Manage your life's data with organised tools and confidence your sensitive data doesn't leave the encrypted sanctuary of your own local storage.


doogie®browser    Coming December 2023
Free Forever. This includes a powerful Bookmarks section for storing researched websites and a concise Vault for storing sensitive data, not just passwords. Uses the latest Blink rendering engine.


doogie®scribe    Coming December 2023
doogie®tally    Coming December 2023
doogie®agenda    Coming December 2023
doogie®reach    Coming December 2023
doogie®pro    Coming January 2024
doogie®server    Coming January 2024


Windows 10™, Windows 11™
Minimum Requirements: 1200 x 700 screen size, 1GB RAM, 500 MB Disk space

End User Licence Agreement