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22 November 2021
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Windows 7™, Windows 8™, Windows 8.1™, Windows 10™, Windows 11™
Minimum Requirements: 1000 x 600 screen size, 512 MB RAM, 185 MB Disk space

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User Interface Language Packs for version

Unzip the contents of the required archive to: C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM2\locales\UI


Base Language File   version: | Details

21 January 2019
77,690 bytes
This file is used as a base to translate and/or customise the user interface text of doogie®PIM
Minimum Requirements: doogie®PIM version
This file should be copied then use the duplicate file to edit your new translation.


Русский | Russian   version: | Форум сообщества.

Sergiy Yansons
111,650 b



Dictionaries and Thesaurus Language Packs
doogie®PIM comes with an English US dictionary and English Thesaurus. However, you can download further dictionaries in other languages from below.

Installation: copy the downloaded dictionary to the folder where the software is: eg. "C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Dictionaries".

March 24, 2006
Contributors: Peter van Lonkhuyzen | Johannes Pretorius | Addictive Software

American English
January 5, 2009
Contributors: Addictive Software

Australian English
January 5, 2009
Contributors: Addictive Software

Australian English(alternate)
August 26, 2007
Contributors: JustLocal

Brazilian Portuguese
May 5, 2004
Contributors: Luiz Marques | Mauricio Longo | André Mendes | Addictive Software

British English
January 5, 2009
Contributors: Addictive Software

January 5, 2009
Contributors: ACTA Ltd. Sofia, Bulgaria

August 15, 2001
Contributors: Miloslav Skácel

August 16, 2001
Contributors: Addictive Software | Aller Press A/S - Denmark

May 5, 2004
Contributors: Paul Kavelaars | Carlo Kok | Peter van Meijel | Jeroen van Gorkum | Addictive Software

May 12, 2005
Contributors: Ilmar Kerm

February 10, 2001
Contributors: Verbix | Addictive Software

May 28, 2002
Contributors: Normand Peladeau | D C Al Coda | Laurent Pierre | Michel Burdin

German (Old Standard)
April 30, 2001
Contributors: Rainer Nausedat

German (New Standard)
May 15, 2001
Contributors: Rainer Nausedat

June 17, 2010
Contributors: George Ioannidis

March 8, 2002
Contributors: Lajos Peti

October 25, 2006
Contributors: Danea Soft | Siade Consulting | Maurizio Ruggeri | Addictive Software

June 27, 2005
Contributors: HK-Data AS | Dag Pedersen | Addictive Software

July 25, 2009
Contributors: Marcin Frankowski | Chris Gallacher | Addictive Software

March 24, 2006
Contributors: Rui Menino | António Eduardo Marques | Addictive Software

February, 2001
Contributors: Ivan Tugoy | Lucky Tesseract | Lev Melnikovsky

October 11, 2007
Contributors: D C Al Coda | Fabio A. Ardila M.

February 10, 2001
Contributors: Addictive Software | Teknikhuset AB

Specialized Dictionaries

August 15, 2005
Words from mathematics, statistics, computing, accounting, and other scientific areas. Includes British and American spellings.
Contributors: Addictive Software

Medical and Veterinary
October 11, 2007
Primarily includes American spellings.
Contributors: Brandon Clark | David Pater | Johannes Pretorius | Kestral | Addictive Software; Updated: July 25, 2009

December 14, 2003
American spellings.
Contributors: J. Peter Mugaas

King James Bible and Apocrypha
February 23, 2001
All words from the public domain version of the King James Bible and Apocrypha.
Contributors: Addictive Software

May 23, 2001
Contributors: D C Al Coda

Italian Medical
February 15, 2001
Contributors: Siade Consulting | Addictive Software

Russian Scientific
February 2001
Contributors: Ivan Tugoy | Lucky Tesseract | Lev Melnikovsky

November 23, 2007
Hebrew Dictionary - please email support for more details.
Contributors: Amos Szust

Commercial Dictionaries

Stedman's Plus Medical / Pharmaceutical
Developed, and created by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, one of the largest healthcare publishers. Stedman's Plus Medical/Pharmaceutical word list features nearly half a million medical, drug and bioscience terms from 57 major medical specialties. Including:

* Over 20,000 trade and generic drug names drawn from Facts and Comparisons American Drug Index.
* Over 80,000 medical equipment and surgical terms
* Over 72,000 eponyms
* The most current terms related to diseases, treatments, medical procedures, lab tests, medical/surgical equipment, medical specialties, eponyms, abbreviations, and more!

Note: As of this writing, the boxed/CD-ROM product did not include an Addict-compatible file. See the site for details as to how to get a price quote. E-mail for further questions.

Auto-Correct Custom Dictionaries

English Corrections
January 5, 2009
Common English auto corrections.
Contributors: Addictive Software

American to British Corrections
June 7, 2002
Auto corrects American spellings to British spellings.
Contributors: Addictive Software


Roget's Thesaurus (American)
February 23, 2001
Contributors: Addictive Software

Roget's Thesaurus (British)
June 7, 2002
Contributors: Addictive Software


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