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doogie®PIM version 4 build 407
7 June 2024
Windows 10™, Windows 11™



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Downloadable Resources

User Interface Language Packs for version

Unzip the contents of the required archive to: C:\BiteSpire\doogie\System\locales\UI


Base Language File   version: | Details

21 January 2019
77,690 bytes
This file is used as a base to translate and/or customise the user interface text of doogie®PIM
Minimum Requirements: doogie®PIM version
This file should be copied then use the duplicate file to edit your new translation.



MiniBar Editor for version 2.0+

Unzip the contents of the archive to: C:\BiteSpire\doogie\


MiniBar Editor   version: 1.0

1.2 MB
This editor is used to customise and create minibar configurations files.
Minimum Requirements: doogie®PIM version 2+


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